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How to Change the background of a photo using Adobe Photoshop ? Best way

If you want to change the background of a photo , you can change it easily using Adobe Photoshop Software any version like cs3 or above.

So in this Article i m going to show you the easiest and best way to change the background of a photo. I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6 here , you can use any version of Adobe Photoshop.

So follow this easy steps given below :-

1) First Open Adobe Photoshop and insert the photo of which you want to change the background.

2) Now right click on the lasso tools and then you will find three lasso tool there.

3) Now choose anyone tools to cut the layers .

(i) Lasso tool If you select Lasso tools then you need to hold the mouse button and need to draw the layer on whole body and the release the mouse till the layer created as shown in the image.

(ii) Polygonal lasso tool If you select polygonal lasso tool then it will create straight line to cut the you need to draw the layer to whole body with striaght layer.

(iii) Magnetic lasso tool If you select magnetic lasso tool then it will be one of the best choice to cut the layer , if you are changing the backgrounf of a phot then this tool is the best tool to cut because when you move the mouse around then you need press the mouse button only one time and then move the mouse whole around the body and it will automatically attached the layer to body.

4) So Select Magnetic lasso tool which is the best tool.

5) Now after selecting Magnetic lasso tool click the mouse button on any part of the body and then move the mouse whole around the body as shown in pic below.

6) Now move the mouse whole around the body and click on the same side side again so then then the layer will be created to the whole body.

7) The Whole Body is selected now Click on Edit button and click on Copy.

8) Now after copying , Open any background photo of which you want to add.

9) Now click on edit button and click on Paste.

10) Now place the photo where you want , you can resize it as well.

11) You can use the quick selection tool change the color of clothes.

12) Now click this tool to the whole clothes and it will easily creat layer on them.

13) Now after selecting the whole clothe click on image > Adjustments > and select hue/saturation to Choose the color.

14) So select any color you want.

15) So Click ok , You can erase the unwanted parts or if you cut the layer wrong then you can use eraser to remove them , eraser only remove erase the parts from the body not from the background so it will become easy for you to erase.

16) So after that , background changing will be done now click on File > and click > Save Button and save the image anywhere as .JPEG .

17) Select .JPEG (*jpg*jpeg*jpe) and click save .

18) So this is it file saved and the Background of your phot was Changed successfully.

19) Enjoy.

If you still didn't understand any thing then you can also watch this video below , so you can understand it easily. So watch this video of How to change background of a photo.

So in this way you can change the background of the photo , if you like this trick then share this trick with your friends.

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