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How to verify Youtube Channel and enable all the features ?


When you create your youtube channel by sign in using Gmail it will create your youtube channel easily but your channel following features  was not enabled

i) Posting a longer video above 15 minutes.

ii) Creating custom thumbnail.

iii) Live Streaming.

And many more features wasn't enabled because you didn't verify your channel.

How to verify

To enable all the features on Youtube you need to verify your account. If you want to verify your acount then follow these simple steps below :-

1) First go to your channel and click the channel icon on the top right corner of the page and click on Creator studio.


2) Now click on Channel.


3) Then click on verify button.


4) Now Select your country , select the Text me the verification code and then type your Mobile Number you have and submit.


5) Then Youtube will send the code to your number , enter the code here.


6) Now after submiting the code , you will see the Partner Verified written down your channel name means your account is verified now.

 7) Now as you see in the pic below, all the features was enabled and unlocked.


8) While Super chat feature was not available in some countries and you can enable Paid content by enabling Monetization.

So this is the way to Verify Youtube Account. If you like this trick then also share this trick on your Social site.

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