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How to disable Windows 10 automatic Updates Permanently.

You can disable Windows 10 automatic Updates permanently. Windows 10 always updates automatically in the background with out knowing you. So in this article we are going to show you how to stop windows 10 from updating automatically. so follow the method below.

Disable Windows 10 automatic updates

 First open search and type " services " and open services.

Now search for " Windows Update " and double click on it.

Now click on stop, then disable it and press ok.

Now open microsoft store and go to the settings.

Now disable the Automatic app updates. 

Now set your Internet connection to metered connection so no background services will update automatically.

Open settings and go to Network and Internet.

Now go to Wifi tab and click on the network you are connected to.

Now scroll down and turn on metered connection.

Now open search and type " gpedit " and " Edit group policy "

Now go to Administrative template > Windows components > Windows Update.

Now double click on " Configure Windows updates "

Now Disabled it and click ok.

Now again open search and type task schedular and run task schedular.

Now go to Task schedular library > microsoft > windows > Windows update

Now right click on all the services and click on disable.

Now your Windows will never be update automatically, you have to manually update your Windows.

You can also watch the video below of how to disable Windows 10 automatic update permanently :-

So this is the way to disable automatic update in windows 10 permanently. If you have any problem then you can ask in the comments sections below, if you like this article then also share this on your social sites.

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