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How to Lock files, folder and drives in Windows with Password easily.

If you have personal files on your Windows and you don't want to share it with some other users who uses your PC then no need to worry because you can lock your persoal files with  password so no one can access to your files, yes you can lock your files, folder and also drives with password so no other user can access to it till you enter the password.

To lock your files, folder or drives first thing you need is a software which is " Easy file locker " you can download Easyfilelocker from the link below.

          Click here to download EasyFileLocker 

So after download, install EasyFileLocker installation method is same and easy as other softwares,  after installing follow the steps below to unlock files, folders and drives :-

1) First Open  Easy File Locker.

2) Click on " Files & Folders " tabs then click on " Add files " to lock files or click on " Add Folder " to Lock folders or drives.

2) Now click on 3 dots button to add folders or drives you want to locks.

3) Now select the folder of which you want to lock or you can select the drives as well to lock.

 4) Now after that uncheck all the boxes for full security if you check visible then your files will be visible to others but they can't write or add anything to that  folder, if you uncheck deletable then no once can delete that folder till you enter password, so for full security uncheck all the boxes as shown in the pic below and click ok.

5) Now after that goto system tab and click on Set Password.

6) Now create the password you want to create, type the 2 times and click on to set the password.

7) Now click on the green play button on top left  to start the protection.

8) Now the folder or drive you locked will be invisible to every users and no one can access to that folder.

9)  To Unlock the folder, open Easy file locker and enter the password you created in the step 6, then click on the red stop button  to unlock.

10) To lock the folder again click on the Green Play button to Lock.

So this is the way to lock folder, files and drives, if this article helps you then also share this with your friends on your social sites.

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