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Speed up Windows 10 Perfomance and run Windows 10 more faster.

You can increase the performance of your Windows 10, so you can run your Windows 10 faster. We can speed up Windows 10 performance without the help of any third-party software.

So in this post, we are going to show you the 7 easy steps to increase the performance of your Windows 10, So follow all the 7 steps below.

1) Power Option Settings

 First right-click on the battery icon and click on the "Power options"

Now click on create a new plan.

Now select High performance and click next, then click on the create button.

Now select a custom plan in the power options.

2) Disable startup Programs

First right on an empty side of the taskbar and click on Task Manager.

Now go to the startup tab and disable all the unwanted software you don't want to run on startup, don't disable your antivirus software.

3) Optimizing and defragment the drive

 Go to search and type defrag and open " Defragment and optimize drives ". 

Now select your windows drives and click on the optimize button.

Now, wait for the process to complete.

4) Delete temporary files

So first, go to your Windows 10 hard disk and go to Windows/software distributions/downloads and in the downloads folder delete all the files.

Now right click on start and click on run.

Now type " %temp% " without brackets in a run and delete all the files in the folder %temp%.

Now open run again and type " temp " without brackets, then delete all the files from the folder temp.

Now open run again and type " prefetch " and again delete all the files from the folder prefetch.

5) Clean up Memory

Go to search and type " disk cleanup "

Now check all the boxes and click on " clean system files "

Now, wait for the process.

Now again check all the boxes and click on ok.

6) Reduce run time services

Open run and type MSconfig


Click on the "service'' tab and check the box "hide all Microsoft services'' and click on the ok button.

7) Visual Effects

 Go to search and type system and click on the system.

Now click on " Advanced system settings "

Go to the " advanced " tab and under "performance" click on the "settings" tab.

Now select " Adjust for best performance " and click ok.


Now after doing all the 7 steps above restart your Windows and then you can see the performance of your Windows 10 much better.

You can also watch the video below of how to speed up Windows 10 performance:-

So this is the way to increase the performance of Windows 10. If you have any problem then you can ask in the comments section below, if you like this article then also share this with your friends on your social sites.

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