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How to lock any apps with password in Android

 If you want to give your mobile to someone else for sometime and you don't want them to access your important apps like whatsapp, Facebook or any other important apps then their is one easy way to stop them form accessing the apps by locking that apps with password. You can easily lock your any Android apps with password using an app named Applock, using this app you can lock any of your Android apps with the password so no one can access to that app without entering the password.

How to lock the apps with Password

To lock the apps on your Android mobile, just follow the steps below :-

1) First you to install the app Applock, you can find this in the Playstore Click here to install Applock.

 2) After installing, run the app and now they will ask you to create the " Pattern lock ", create the pattern.

3) Now here you can select any app you want to lock, first they will ask you to permit data usage access, just click on the Permit,

select " App lock " and enable the option.

4) Now click on the lock button to lock the app you want.

5) After that you can see the app was locked and can only be accessible till you unlock it with the pattern lock.

6) Now if you don't like " Pattern lock then you can simply change the lock method to password, just go to the " Protection " tab on the App lock and click on the " Unlock settings "

 now click on the password tab and create the password you want and then you have set the password and have to enter the password to open the apps you locked.

7) You can create a profile as well so you can lock all the apps at once of whom you selected in the profile. To create the profile just click on the second icon down below

now select the apps you want to lock, then create the name of the profile and then save it.

8) To lock the apps at once, just click on the first icon down below

and now click on your profile and click on confirm and it will lock all the apps you selected in the profile.

9) To unlock all the apps at once, just click " Unlock All ''.

You can also watch this video below of how to lock any app with password :-

So this is the way to lock any Android apps with password on any Android devices, if you have any problem then you can ask in the comments section below. Hope this trick will helps you.

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