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How to convert Facebook account in to a Page easily.

You can convert your Facebook account in to a page easily, so your all friends will automatically like your page, for example if you have 1000 friends on your account then after converting your Facebook id to page, your all 1000 friends will automatically like your Facebook page. So if you want to convert your account to page then follow the steps below :-

1) First login to your Facebook account of which you want to convert.

2) Now visit this link :- Click here

3) Click on Get started.

4) Now select the categories you like.

Convert facebook account to page -

5) Now select all the friends and followers.

6) Now the Facebook account to page conversion will start.

7) After sometime, your account will convert to page successfully.

So this is the way to convert Facebook account to page, if you have any question you can ask in the comments section below. If this article helps you then also share it on your social sites.

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