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How to mirror Android mobile screen to PC in full screen for free

If you want to mirror your Android mobile screen to PC to play Android games on PC or for doing any other works, then you can simply mirror your Android screen to PC and can control it. You can mirror your Android screen to PC in fullscreen for free and it will takes only 1 minute.

Mirror Android screen to PC

To mirror the Android mobile screen to PC, follow the steps below :-

1) First you have to download to files, " Platform tools " and " Scrcpy ", you can download it from below links :-

2) Now after downloading this extract both the .zip files.

3) Now create a New folder anywhere you want with any name, for example create new folder on Desktop with the name Android.

4) Now open the " platform tool "folder you extracted, and then copy all the files from it and paste it in to folder " Android " you created in step 3.

5) Now open " Scrcpy " folder you extracted and then copy all the files from that folder to the Android folder created in the step 3.

6) Now they will ask you to replace the files, just click on Replace all.

7) Now open search on your Windows and type ' cmd ' and then run " Command Prompt ".

8) Now in command prompt, go to the location of the folder " Android " created in the step 3, for example if you created in the desktop then just type " cd Desktop " and then " cd Android ".

9) Now connect your Android Mobile to PC using the usb cable, but before connecting your mobile don't forgot to enable the " USB Debugging " on your mobile. To enable the USB debugging on your mobile, go to settings & go to developer options and enable the USB debugging.

10) Now connect your mobile to PC and  type " ADB devices " on cmd to check that your mobile is detected or not, click on " allow " on your mobile,

then you can see in the pic below it will be show like that if your device is detected.

11) Now type " scrcpy " on command prompt and press enter.

12) Now you can see the Android mobile has been mirrored successfully.

13) To switch to fullscreen, press " ALT+F" on your keyboard, also rotate your mobile.

Note :- If you have Samsung mobile then you must install Samsung USB driver on your Windows, youi can download it from here Click here.

You can also watch the video of how to mirror android screen to PC, below :-

So this is the way to mirror Android screen to PC in fullscreen for free, if you have any question then you can ask in the comments section below. Hope this article will help you.

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