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Samsung Galaxy S10 will get a Night Mode called " Bright Night "

Galaxy s10 will have bright night feature -
Photo Source - wccftech
According to a report by XDA Developers, Samsung is also going in this direction and is developing a camera feature called Bright Night. It is expected to arrive with One UI in the upcoming Galaxy S10.

The feature is effectively taking multiple pictures and combining them into a single brighter image with more detail in low-light environment. It isn’t overexposed, does not rely on LED Flash - the feature just wants you to hold the phone slightly longer. According to the source, decompiling the stock Samsung camera apk in the One UI/Android Pie build of the Galaxy Note9 revealed a similar feature from the Korean manufacturer.

We don’t know if the feature will be retained with the Galaxy S10 but the company’s Bright Night mode should go a long way in significantly improving low-light photography. After all, one variant of the Galaxy S10 family has been rumored to feature a triple-camera setup at the back, so this upgrade should also come with software-based improvements to boost smartphone photography prowess.

The phone is expected to be unveiled at MWC 2019, although the company might decide to host a separate party away from all the fuss in Barcelona.

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