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Huawei P30 Pro Could Use 38MP Sony IMX607 Camera Sensor

huawei p30 pro - qasimtricks

If rumor out is to be believed, Huawei will be the first manufacturer to use Sony’s unannounced IMX607 flagship image sensor. The Sony IMX607 is an upcoming 38 megapixel stacked image sensor with a square pixel array. The sensor will also feature Quad-Pixel PDAF for faster autofocus speeds. We can expect the Sony IMX607 to deliver improved image quality when compared to the sensors used in the majority of flagship smartphones released this year. 

The camera featured on Huawei’s current flagship relies on a Quad Bayer filter and uses two different exposure lengths half of the pixels are used for long exposure and the remaining ones are used for short exposure in order to create a better image overall. Rather than using a Quad Bayer on the new sensor, though, Sony has included a Dual Bayer combined with a new white HDR Coding Array.

Sony IMX607 - qasimtricks

Huawei launched the P20 and P20 Pro smartphones at an event in Paris in March this year, so there is a possibility of the P30 and P30 Pro making their debut sometime in March next year. We expect to find out a lot more about the upcoming Huawei P series flagship smartphones in the weeks to come.

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