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Windows 10 is now the most used Operating System in the World overtakes Windows 7

Windows 10 is now the most used operating system overtake windows 7

After three-and-a-half years, Windows 10 has finally become the most used operating system in the world. Latest statistics from Netmarketshare suggest that Windows 10 finally managed to overtake the user-favorite Windows 7 by the end of last year. According to the NetMarketShare, in December 2018 Windows 10 had a 39.22% market share, a little more than Windows 7’s 36.90% market share.

Windows 10 now holds more than 39 percent of the marketshare for desktop operating systems as of December. Windows 7 only makes up less than 37 percent. The report also claims that more than 700 million devices now run on Windows 10. These devices include PC, Xbox One, tablets, and phones.

Microsoft has still fallen well short of its original goal from when Windows 10 was first released. The computer giant had originally aimed for Windows 10 to be installed on one billion devices within a three year timeframe.

Elsewhere in desktop, the most recent version of macOS (10.14) is in third place, with 4.73, followed by Windows XP which just keeps on going with 4.54, ahead of Windows 8.1 with 4.45. However, adding in the tiny proportion of users still on Windows 8.0 pushes it into third on a combined total of 5.33. Linux holds steady at exactly two percent of the market, not including Ubuntu and Chrome OS which are measured separately. 

Overall, Windows has 86.2 per cent of the market, with Mac OS holding 10.65, Linux (all versions) at 2.78 and Chrome OS on 0.32.

Windows 10 is now the most used operating system overtakes windows 7
Windows 7 hitting its end of service deadline exactly after a year in January 2020, it is likely that more and more Windows 7 users will have to finally bite the bullet and upgrade to Windows 10. Since a majority of Windows 7 users are on the enterprise edition, Microsoft will be pushing its partners aggressively to have all the businesses shift to the latest OS.

Windows 10 has managed to become the world’s most used desktop OS despite many many issues, it won’t be difficult for Microsoft to convince the rest of the businesses to make the move.

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