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New triple-camera iPhone, Apple reportedly planning three iPhones for 2019

Apple will repeat its format from this year, releasing three iPhones, two with OLED displays and one, the successor to the iPhone XR, with an LCD screen. The high-end 2019 iPhone, presumably the largest of the three, is also rumored to include a triple-camera system at the rear, in an effort that’s clearly designed to compete with the latest crop of Android handsets that include multiple cameras.

Renders of a triple-camera iPhone leaked last week, with OnLeaks claiming Apple will introduce such a system later this year. It’s not clear what an additional camera at the rear of an iPhone will enable, but the rumors have emerged after reports that Sony is boosting its 3D camera output for chips that will power rear-facing 3D cameras on smartphones in 2019.

There’s already been a leak which has suggested the phone that replaces the iPhone XS Max will have three cameras, as reported by Gordon Kelly here on Forbes. The renders visualizing the new Max showed a curiously asymmetrical arrangement of snappers – personally, I think it won’t look like that when it’s released. But an extra camera is an extra camera, and certainly to be welcomed. The smaller phone, successor to the 5.8in display iPhone XS, will stick with two cameras as now, it’s believed.

Apple is also reportedly considering going OLED-only for its 2020 iPhone models, according to the WSJ. Such a move would likely raise the overall selling price of Apple’s iPhones next year, amid concerns over iPhone sales in China and other developing markets.

According to the Wall Street Journal, although things are not yet set in stone, they are far enough down the line that major features are not going to be changed much, if at all. Apart from the layout of the triple cameras, perhaps. Here's hoping.

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