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Huawei will announce its own foldable phone on February 24

Huawei Foldable phone -

Samsung to formally introduce the Galaxy F smartphone during the February 20th Galaxy S10 press conference, various reports have claimed. But that’s not the only foldable smartphone that will be announced this month. Huawei on Friday confirmed that it will unveil its own foldable device just a few days later on February 24th, a day before Mobile World Congress officially kicks off officially in Barcelona, Spain.

Huawei has confirmed that it will launch a foldable phone of some sort at MWC 2019 later this month. The details are largely unclear on this device, but based on the teaser image we can gather that the company’s device won’t follow Samsung’s example of an outer display and interior display, but rather a single display that folds backward. Revealed in a Twitter post.

Also notable on the teaser is the Connecting the Future text, which appears to be a reference to the phone’s inclusion of 5G, which would really put the handset smack dab in the middle of the mobile zeitgeist. It would also likely further drive up an already pricey design. Apparently, this foldable will also be the first of its form factor to support 5G connectivity.

Huawei is yet to reveal the design of its foldable phone, so it looks like those renders were off base. Xiaomi’s demo already looks better than anything else we’ve seen when it comes to foldable smartphone technology, though we’re still waiting for demos from Samsung, Huawei, and others.

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