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Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger with this Easy Trick

Facebook recently revealed that the work on Dark Mode in Messenger is still incomplete and will take sometime before the Dark Mode officially available on Messenger. But Facebook embedded an Easter Egg inside the Messenger app, so user can still switch to Dark mode. So if you want to enable the dark mode on Messenger app then follow the steps below :-

1) So first of all Install latest version of Messenger app from PlayStore.

2) Now after installing Log in to your account in Messenger.

3) Now open chat with any one of your Friends.

4) Now you have to send him/her the moon emoji which should be look like this as you can see in the pic below.

5) Now you will see the falling moons on your screen and also you will get the popup of " You found Dark Mode "


6) Now click on that Popup message and now here enable the dark mode.

7) Now the dark mode has been enabled.

Messenger Dark mode still in progress and let see when will Facebook finalize the Dark Mode.

So in this way you can enable the Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger app. If you have any question then you can ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Visiting Qasimtricks.

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