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Lenovo shows off the World first Foldable Laptop

Lenovo shows off the World first Foldable Laptop -

Lenovo has just announced the World first Foldable Laptop a prototype ThinkPad that iterates the foldable tech we’ve already seen from phones on a much bigger scale. This new design direction for computers may have more potential than the folding phones. 
Lenovo has been developing this for over three years and has plans to launch a finished device in 2020 as part of its premium ThinkPad X1 brand. The goal here is a premium product that will be a laptop-class device.

Watching a laptop fold in the middle of its screen makes you do a double-take. Laid flat, Lenovo’s device is a 13.3 inch tablet running Microsoft Windows. Fold it halfway, hold it folded in your hands, and it’s like an electronic book. The screen does fold, as advertised, and Windows worked well enough as a touch interface. But if it happens at all will come with software and optimizing things to run on the unique form factors that a folding screen can provide.

Pic Source - The Verge
Lenovo hasn’t given a name to the product yet, which will be a part of its ThinkPad line when it comes out sometime in 2020. Lenovo also hasn’t announced a price yet but like all first-generation tech, it probably won’t come cheap. it’s an ambitious idea, and it’s encouraging to see that Lenovo is pursuing folding technology so quickly for larger devices than phones.

Here's the video of Lenovo Foldable Laptop by the Verge :-

Click here to watch the video directly on Youtube.

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