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Google Pixel 4 with 16-Megapixel Telephoto Lens as Second Rear Camera, Front Infrared Camera ?

Latest Google Camera app reveals Pixel 4 may include a telephoto camera. Google's official teaser of its upcoming Pixel 4 series of phones has confirmed that it will, for the first time, have two rear-facing cameras. But the big question on everyone's mind has been, what kind of a lens can we expect the second sensor to have? Code from the Google Camera app in the leaked Android Q beta 5 seems to suggest that the second camera on the Pixel 4 will be a telephoto lens, for optical zoom. Not only that, the code further reveals that it might also have an infrared (IR) front facing camera, most likely for face unlock.

Now, we've learned that the secondary camera appears to be a telephoto lens. The revelation comes after the guys at XDA did some digging into the code of version 6.3 of the Google Camera app. Upon investigation, they uncovered changes in the code referencing "Sabre", which is Google's codename for its Super Res Zoom. Further inspection led to the discovery of some new sensor IDs for the camera which was not present in Google Camera 6.2.
So far, there has been a lot to learn from the latest version of the Google Camera app, the closer we get to release the more details will be revealed for Google's next big flagship.

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