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XDM free download manager for Windows, Mac and Linux

XDM xtreme download manager free download manager for Windows, Mac and Linux

XDM (Xtreme Download Manager) is a free download manager for PC available for Windows, Mac and Linux. XDM has all the features of IDM (Internet download Manager) and the download speed of XDM is same as IDM but the only difference between IDM and XDM is that XDM is free and IDM is paid. So XDM can be a better option comparing to IDM.

Download XDM

To download XDM, then follow the steps below :-

1) First of all Visit the link below to download XDM :-

2) Now here you will find to many download option, you can download download it for Windows, Mac and Linux so click on the link to start the download.

3) Now after downloading install XDM, installation method is easy.

4) After installing you can see XDM on your screen and you can find all the option of IDM as well.

5) Now on the startup they will ask you to install Addon of XDM on your browser, so click on install button on the browser you are using, for example if you have Firefox then click on install Addon under firefox.

xdm extension on browser

6) Now copy the addon link and visit that link on your browser.

7) Now click on install addon and then install it on your browser.

8) Now the addon has been installed and now any files or videos you will try to download on your browser, it will automatically start the download in XDM download Manager.

9) Whenever you watch the video on your browser, you will find Download Video option on your screen, just click on that button to download any videos online for free.

So in this way you can download and install the XDM download Manager on your browser. If you still have any question then you can ask me in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Qasimtricks.

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