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Facebook will adding 'from Facebook' in Whatsapp and Instagram name

Facebook will adding 'from Facebook' in Whatsapp and Instagram name

Instagram will soon become “Instagram from Facebook” and WhatsApp will turn into “WhatsApp from Facebook”. The new titles will appear in the title for both apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. On your device’s home screen, the name for each will mercifully remain the same (for now). But it’s also very likely that you’ll see “from Facebook” on the splash screen for both apps. Facebook already made this exact change with Oculus.

The Information reported Thursday that Facebook is looking to rebrand the two apps by renaming them “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook,” a format it already uses for its collaboration tool Workplace. The rebrand will be visible when users sign into the applications and on app store displays, according to the report, and presumably elsewhere.

A good percentage of consumers certainly realize that these apps are owned by a company that has yet to prove it can handle even a modicum of its own power. But adding such an explicit link between Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp certainly won’t be doing either any favors. Now, two of the company’s most significant purchases will have Facebook stamped right onto their names.

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