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PUBG Mobile new Infection Mode

PUBG Mobile major update lets you play as zombie in all-new Infection mode
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The PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update has been released which can be downloaded now. Tencent Games released the beta version of the update last week to test them. The new patch notes mention that rework has been done to Mode Selection UI, Daily Missions. New player vs player zombie mode added, called ‘Infection Mode’. Players will become zombies and hunt other players. There have been changes to the EvoGround as well. Some achievements now have Level V rewards.

The all new Infection mode added in the latest update lets players drop into a PvP zombie infection mode where they are divided into Zombies or Defenders. While Defenders are equipped with firearms, Zombies will only be able to use melee weapons and special abilities with cool downs to take down and infect Defenders. The winning condition for Zombies is to infect all Defenders on the map via Phonearena.

There are a few other non-zombie items in this latest update as well, all the new features and improvements are available for both Android and iOS devices unless stated otherwise. You can download the latest version of PUBG Mobile for free via App Store and Google Play Store.

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