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Samsung Galaxy Fold could relaunch next week

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch date mooted, and it’s literally a week away
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In July, Samsung promise to relaunch the Galaxy Fold in September but didn’t disclose a specific date at the time. new report from a Korean media outlet suggests Samsung has chosen September 6 for an official announcement. 
This date also coincides with the opening day of the IFA trade show in Berlin, and the outlet says Samsung will likely use the event to show off the revised model.

According to the Korean report, the Galaxy Fold was initially slated for a late September launch, but the company seems to have decided to bring the date forward, with South Korea getting the new folding phone first. The US and China will also get a September arrival, although an exact date hasn’t been revealed.

News of a potential launch comes just over a month after Samsung confirmed a September launch window. The company also detailed a few fixes it made to the Galaxy Fold, such as tucking in the protective screen layer, adding more metal layers beneath the screen to reinforce it, and reducing the space between the hinge and body. (via Android Authority)

Availability in other markets is as yet unclear, but we’re sure to learn more next week if Samsung does follow through with this September 6 announcement date.

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