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Samsung is Launching a 108 MP Smartphone Camera

samsung 108 mp camera mobile is coming

Samsung camera division will launch a 108 MP sensor on August 12, Samsung has announced that on August 12 its camera division will launch a 108 MP camera for smartphones. Earlier Samsung was planning to launch the camera sensor in 2020, but it seems like the company is revising its timeline, and we might be seeing the new sensor very soon.

Samsung will unveil all the details in just three short days. The classic megapixel wars of years past may be over, but a new race is now on, apparently, to create the biggest possible quad-bayer array. Xiaomi also announced earlier in a teaser that they would use this Samsung ISOCELL sensor in a smartphone. This will make it the first-ever smartphone to have a 108MP camera on board. Rumors say that Xiaomi will add this new sensor to the upcoming Mi Mix 4.

The 108 MP camera will shoot normally at 27MP resolution, using pixel binning. It's not clear if you could actually take 108 MP shots (with a mind-boggling resolution of 12032x9024), perhaps through the Camera app's Pro mode. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how well this camera performs in a phone.

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