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Now you can quickly switch Gmail accounts on Android with a swipe

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Gmail for iOS added a very convenient gesture for switching accounts. After appearing on other Android apps over the past month, swipe-to-switch is now available in Gmail for Android. Version 2019.08.18 (via Android Police) of the Gmail Android client this evening lets users swipe on their Google Account avatar in the top-right corner of most screens. Swiping up or down works, with the profile icon featuring a fill-in animation while the rest of your default inbox loads.

However, it’s a much more useful inclusion in the Gmail app, because so many people access both their personal and work emails on a single phone and need to flip between their two inboxes quickly, this very useful fast-switching feature has been available on iOS since at least March, At least Android users got access to Gmail’s swipe actions almost a year before they appeared on iOS.

Gmail for Android’s switch gesture is rolling out now via the Play Store with version 2019.08.18. It’s also available for sideloading from APK Mirror.

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