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Days Gone Tips and Tricks - 12 Useful Best Days Gone Tips and Tricks

Days Gone Tips and Tricks

Days Gone Tips and Tricks

Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive. Today in this post we will list you some of the best Tips and Tricks on Days Gone that will help you survive the freaker apocalypse.

Days Gone Top 12 Tips and Tricks

1. Playing Days Gone Game

Play Days Gone like an action game, killing every Freaker (zombie) we saw with a combination of firepower and blunt force,  if you play like Rambo, you’ll likely have a lot more trouble. If you don’t shoot enemies in the head, you’ll waste a ton of ammunition taking them down.

Moving cautiously while on foot and in mission areas is the best way to not only stay alive but to conserve your precious ammo for the human enemies that actually have guns as well. Freakers respond to sound. So the moment you fire your weapon, you’ll alert all of the Freakers in the area.

Zombies in the Days Gone is the fast kind. They’ll run up on you in a hurry. It’s best to crouch and sneak up on them. The eye icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen corresponds with both sight and sound. Move slowly and a tiny “x” will remain over it. If you approach a Freaker from behind without being noticed, you can perform a stealth takedown with your boot knife. Rack up as many stealth takedowns as possible.

Since you will get into hairy situations where guns are required, you can help your cause by attaching suppressors to your weapons. Suppressors can be purchased in camps from the merchant.

2. Upgrade your Bike

Deacon’s bike is annoyingly slow at first, and it will be like that until you visit the camps and complete a few missions. Completing missions increases Trust with a specific camp, which leads to the ability to buy more and better upgrades. Eventually, you’ll be able to access the Performance tab at the mechanic. The first upgrade you should buy is for your engine. After that, you should purchase a fuel tank upgrade. After two upgrades, your bike will be able to travel long distances across the map on a single tank of fuel. And you’ll get to your destination quicker.

3. Quick Save

Remember to hold triangle and quick save whenever you return to your bike. You never know when you could stumble upon a horde and get mauled by masses of freakers, but if you’re quick saving frequently then it won’t set you back too far.

4. Yellow Missions are required

Days Gone has a ton of missions, many of which are not required. Required missions are marked with yellow icons, whereas optional missions can be either red or white/gray. Sometimes, you won’t have a yellow mission available at all. This doesn’t mean you have to complete optional missions to advance the main story, though. After a few minutes, without fail, Deacon will receive a radio call and a new mainline mission will pop up.

5. Unlock the Feild

After you unlock the first skill, investing it on Feild Repairs melee skill is better. This allows you to repair any melee weapons you find with scrap, so you can continue using them and prevent them from breaking. Your backup boot knife isn’t strong at all, so you’ll be much better hanging on to those baseball bats and 2x4 planks.

6. Watch out for traps and sniper

Human enemies are just as dangerous as freakers, so keep an eye out on the ground for the floor based traps as you can dismantle them before you set them off. Snipers are a huge giveaway with their red laser sight too, so you can take them down without a problem.

7. Avoid Hurdles

You’ll find Freakers scattered throughout Days Gone. They are practically everywhere besides the encampments. Sometimes, though, you’ll stumble across what the people of Days Gone refer to as a horde. A horde is comprised of hundreds of Freakers. If one of the pack sees you, all of them will converge on your location. You can find hordes early on in Days Gone, but you should absolutely avoid them. If they’re alerted to your location, hop on your bike and get out of there fast. Hordes are very hard to destroy. Even later on in the game when they become part of mainline missions, taking out an entire horde is an exhausting, challenging endeavor. We won’t spoil anything here, but while hordes are an integral part of Days Gone, you may want to try to forget they exist for your own enjoyment.

8. Burn out Nests

Scattered throughout the world of Days Gone are infestation zones, which are essentially a group of freaker nests. You can destroy these by burning them with either a molotov or a fuel can, and once you clear out infestation zones, you’ll be able to fast travel through them, so make sure you do them as soon as you come across them.

9. Use Focus

Pressing R3 (down on the right thumbstick) activates Focus. Focus illuminates item locations in the area, from Scrap to melee weapons to materials to medkits to materials to craft explosives. Whenever you’re in or around a building, you should activate Focus.

10. Tap L1 to bring out the 2nd Weapon

You can tap L1 to bring out your secondary weapon and target the freakers or wolves from your Bike. When the crosshair gets tighter, tap R1 to shoot and take down those fools from the safety of your bike. Just don’t get too close or you’ll be knocked off.

11. Craft while scavenging for items

As you pick up materials, open your weapon wheel and see what you can craft. It’s helpful to craft as much medicine and explosives as possible. That way you’re prepared for any upcoming firefights are Freaker bombardments. Also, you can run out of storage space for certain items. You can fix this by using those items to craft, which opens up more space in your inventory for said item.

12. Using the Flashlight

Having your flashlight on during the night is obviously a huge help when trying to, you know, actually see things, but freakers are attracted to the bright light. It lets them know exactly where you are, so when you’re sneaking up on some unaware enemies, turn that flashlight off by pressing down on the d-pad.

So these are some of the Tips and Tricks of Days Gone. If you still have any question then you can ask in the comment section below. Keep visiting QasimTricks for more Interesting Contents.

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