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Fascinating 5 Facebook Tips Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

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5 Best Facebook Tips and Tricks

Today in this post i will show you the top 6 best Facebook tips and tricks. This Facebook tips is for the people who like selling things on Facebook, Facebook ads tips, Facebook shop tips etc. There are to many cool tricks in Facebook which will save your time. So follow all the latest and updated Facebook tips and tricks below.

1. Facebook video Ads tips

Here's the five best Facebook ad targeting tips for you that have really help your campaign succeed in 2019-20, so follow all the Facebook video ads tips below :-

Retarget website visitors

There are a lot of great things you can do with Facebook ads, but retargeting people that have already visited your website is an absolute no-brainer. This will works really well and that's simply because the people that have visited your website have already shown an interest in your products and services. So you want to be able to get back in front of those people remind them about your products and services and get them to take action.

Retarget Add to Carts

This is for E-Commerce businesses specifically and it's to retarget people that Add to Cart, but don't purchase. Now you want to retarget website visitors and just about everyone advertising on Facebook wants to do that but specifically E-Commerce companies want to go a step further and make sure they have a campaign or at least an ad set that is dedicated to retargeting people that have added cart. Just because someone adds to cart and doesn't buy doesn't mean they're not interesting the product in fact they likely are they may be just quite distracted they wanted to shop around for alternatives get your ads and that products specifically back in front of those people and you will make more sales.

Avoid audience overlap

Lot of Facebook advertisers when they've run a campaign for a while they're starting to see the results drop off they try and find new audiences to target in order. So obviously generate more sales and leads and things like that and what a lot of people make the mistake of is they select targeting options, that mean that their target audience might overlap with original by 80 plus percent. Something like that now you're not really targeting a new audience same applies if you're looking to test different audiences you're looking to test to different audiences but the interest targeting options you've used they're very similar those audiences are going to overlap massively one the ways you can get around that is you can exclude your original audience from your new targeting options. 

So let's say for example, you're targeting one interest group and you want to test targeting a second interest group in that second interest group exclude the original interest group you might see that your target audience number drops massively because there's a huge amount of audience overlap, but that way you're going to get a better test. If you're looking to find new audiences you're actually going to reach new people as opposed to advertised into the same people that were in the original audience tip.

Interest targeting options

Lot of people use a lot of targeting options but where possible I actually quite like to avoid them I prefer to use look-alikes or other targeting options. The thing is interest targeting options aren't as accurate as you think that is you'd like them to be Facebook has to basically take a guess at what people are interested in based on the activities they take online and on Facebook in particular and it doesn't always mean that people actually interested in a particular market segment. And it doesn't mean that that that person is likely to buy products and services that are offered to people in that market segment. So if possible I would say try and use other targeting options try and use demographic based targeting options look a likes things like that as opposed to interest targeting options.

Use large target audiences

Many peoples sort of fall in love with the specificity with which you can target people on Facebook. They like all the interest targeting options and demographic behaviors and all that sort of stuff and you can be really specific and there are times when you want to use that but as Facebook's targeting algorithms have improved and as I've gotten better at working out who is most likely to take your desired action. We've seen a lot of success from using really really large target audiences and in fact often particularly were advertising a local business. We won't set any targeting parameters whatsoever which can leave a completely open and generate some conversions and then that allows Facebook to work out who is likely to convert and they put your ads in front of those people something you may want to test don't just blindly go ahead and use that but it can work very well.

2. Facebook shop tips

As a business owner, you know that sometimes it's not what you sell, but how you sell it. If your shop is on Facebook, you can make it an experience customers will want to come back to again and again. Let's follow the Facebook shop tips below :-

Quickly Reply to Messages

You want your customers to know you care about them and are reliable. You can build trust by responding quickly to their messages. This will increase your responsiveness rating displayed on your page, which makes it more likely customers will reach out. With that in mind, don't forget to list the address of your physical store if you have one, so people who are unsure about online shopping can become customers too. 

Sharing Latest Products

Make sure your customers know about your products by sharing them on your timeline along with some information about them. Are these products new? Are they on sale? Are they about to sell out? Putting info like this on your timeline helps get it on people's news feeds. Those products are your business and you want to show grow your business. 

Show Product Images

Showcase each of your products with at least one image like a photo, not an illustration, even if you are the best sketch artist around. Here's a few tricks for a great photo. Make sure it shows the full product and how it would be used in real life. If it's a glass pitcher, show it pouring a refreshing glass of iced tea. Use a white background and make sure the picture's resolution is 1024 by 1024 or higher. You also want to avoid images with any kind of text, watermarks or advertising on them, and I hope I don't need to tell you to avoid any kind of offensive content, right? Along with those pretty pictures, add descriptions for your products. Talk about interesting features. Use short sentences or bulleted lists with correct grammar and punctuation. 

Bonus tips

Avoid phone numbers, email addresses, long titles, abbreviations and excessive punctuation in your descriptions. No spoilers or links to other websites, and don't make me crazy by using all lower case or all capital letters.

3. Tips for selling clothes on Facebook

Follow the method below to get some best tips for selling clothes on facebook :-

Audience insights

One of the most important parts of the process is defining the audience, we suggest you create a custom audience before creating your ad to make the setup easier and the add more effective. When doing so, make sure to start with targeting one interest that fits the design use the demographics and page likes tabs to help you with your research and expand to other areas. Add an additional interest especially ones that can be centered keywords and save that audience for later.

Ad format

You'll initially be asked which format you want your ad to be it,, ignore that and click the use existing post option instead. The main difference between the create ad option and the use existing post option is the look of the ad itself, the create ad option requires you to have an info text headline news feed link and a call-to-action button for your ad this can be efficient for some business models but for selling teacher products the use existing post option is a proven method because it shows a bigger area of the ad creative image allowing it to be more eye-catching on the Facebook newsfeed to create a post ad, simply press the plus button under creative.

Testing and Budget

It's important to understand your margins before you set your budget, calculating the base costs for each product your advertising and the marketing cost of the ad spend all determine. The total profit you make, we recommend using default list prices on products but you can tweak them as you see fit to raise your profit margin with that being said, we also recommend setting the ad budget to $5 daily. This allows for low cost and advertising and a higher reward and profit when testing for winning PPE ads which again you will need a Facebook page for,, when testing important key performance indicators to look for and monitor our cost per result comments CPMs, CTRs and Facebook pixel events because a lot of ads don't convert sales for the first few days. We recommend these metrics for gauging the potential of your ads if by day 30 you don't have any sales stop your ad and retry using a different audience if you do have sales start scaling up by creating a website conversion that.

Scaling your Ad

Scaling once you have a PPE ad that's getting decent engagement you have a winning app. You can scale that winner up and earn more money with a conversion app the trick here is to use the same structure as the PBE ad or rather the PBE ads themselves. To do that go to the add a business manager drop-down in the top left page post, then copy the ID number of the PPE ads you want to use and then navigate back to the ad level of a manager click. The tab use existing post scroll down to select post underneath creative and paste in the ID number this chooses the exact same ad or post, so engagement is shared and you're more likely to convert using this trick transfers all the engagement and activity of your winning PPE adds over to the conversion ads. It will give your conversion ad a boost in the Facebook ad algorithm and we recommend that you start testing with a low five dollar daily budget on days one to two because if this ad doesn't convert sales, you can stop if it's a winner and you converted sales move on to $15 four days three to five then $30 four days five to six and if your ad is still performing well move on to forty five to sixty dollars and remember it's important not to scale your ads too fast or you will reset the algorithm and your ads won't be effective.

4. Facebook Ad design tips

Designing a Facebook ad is simple and easy to do. Your ad has four parts the title, an image, the body and a destination URL. As you get started, think about your advertising goals is this a design to raise awareness of your company or brand is it intended to drive traffic to your page or site. Knowing your goals will help you determine the best creative elements for your ad consider your audience, Facebook allows you to target specific groups of users so you can create appealing personalized ads for the people most likely to engage with your product or service. Your goals and planned targeting will help you design a more engaging and personalized campaign. h

Here are some of our suggestions for designing an effective and attractive Facebook ad :-

If you're promoting your Facebook page, our policy is to make the ad title the same as the name of your page. However, if you're promoting something off Facebook use a strong title like a question or a call to action, use an attractive relevant image that is appropriate for the product or service you are advertising. 

Keep your body text concise targeted and easy to read speak to the interests of your audience and highlight offers and features that make your product or service stand up be conversational and use a clear call-to-action such as by browse order or sign up.

Finally make sure your destination URL is related to the content of the ad and directly links users to the information they need. Once your campaign is running you can evaluate its performance make changes to your design to make sure your ads appeal to all your customers.

5. Tips for selling on Facebook

Do you want to declutter your home to make some money but don't want to download an extra app there's an easy solution you can sell your stuff via Facebook marketplace. Facebook marketplace allows you to post items vehicles for sale a rental property or even a job for hire, either in the Facebook app or from your computer. Here's the best tips for selling on Facebook how it works follow the method below.

  • Sign in to Facebook account and
  • Then click create listing and choose the category your post belongs in.
  • Fill in the details including the category price location description and pictures of the item.

If you don't know how to price an item check out the competition to see what they're asking. Keep in mind that people are likely to offer you less than your asking price, you may want to clean up the item before taking any photos to make it more appealing to buyers. Now you just have to wait for interested buyers waiting can be hard and we didn't get any messages for a day and a half after posting our item, then you can boost your post on Facebook marketplace by making it an ad you just set your budget the amount of time you want the ad to run then pay Facebook to boost your listing you can also widen the area where you want to sell or join local exchange groups to post your item in as well Facebook doesn't take a fee from your sale, the same way that eBay does but you do have to arrange the transaction yourself Facebook recommends PayPal or another person-to-person payment method like venmo or cash app for your transaction.

Safety is another thing to consider when selling an item completing the transaction in a public area with lots of people is recommended. Facebook also has tips for safely buying and selling items on their marketplace. Once you sell your item market sold so that people know it's no longer available listing your item on multiple platforms like let go Craigslist and offer up give you a better chance of selling your item quickly.

So this is the Facebook tips that can help you a lot. Which Facebook tips you like the most, let us know in the comments below and find more ways to make money at

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