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Apple watch series 4 tips and tricks

apple watch series 4 tips and tricks -

Apple watch series 4 tips and tricks

Apple Watch Series 4 is the 1st bigger update to this Watch since the original. It comes with a new design and much bigger screen also a new watch faces and impressive features like ECG, irregular heart rate tracking. But the Apple Watch is much more than this.

It is filled with little useful features that you can customize to get the most out of the little computer on your wrist. Here are the best tips and tricks for Apple Watch Series 4.

Best Apple watch series 4 tips and tricks

1. Digital Crown to Control Volume

When you are in a Now Playing screen for any app, just use the Digital Crown to control the volume. You can do this without looking or activating the screen.

2. Customize Watch Face

Bigger screens is the good thing about and there is a new watch face that will let you take advantage of all the new screen real estate.

Force Touch on the watch face, swipe to the end and add the Info graphic watch face. This watch face allows you to add 8 different complications on one screen, Plus a calendar appointment that shows up in the dial itself.

That is a lot of complications! Instead of setting up two or three different modular watch faces, you can now have one watch face that shows all your stats, shortcuts and more.

3. Reply to Texts from Watch

Apple Watch does not have a software keyboard and it probably never will. But there are two ways you can reply to a message and this works for any app that supports replying from the notification. Tap on the notification, now you will see buttons. Tap on the microphone icon to do speech to text transcription. But a more fun way is to draw letters on Apple Watch. Tap on the A icon to send a message by drawing letters on the screen.

4. Mute Watch

The 1st things to do after setting up an Apple Watch is to mute it, by default it makes a sound every time you get a notification and there is no need for that. Apple Watch is haptic feedback is really good by itself.

Swipe up to reveal the Control Center and tap on the Bell icon to enable Silent mode.

5. Speak to Siri

On the Series 4 Apple Watch you do not need to press the Digital Crown or say Hey Siri to speak to Siri. Just lift your arm and bring it close to your face and start speaking.

Siri will instantly recognize and start transcribing your commands. In my experience, I’ve found this way faster than other methods of talking to Siri on the Apple Watch. And it actually makes Siri useful on the wrist!

6. Siri Watch Face

The Siri watch face in watchOS 5 has been improved and updated. you will now find intelligent Siri Suggestions right on the watch face.

7. Flashlight

Apple Watch has a very useful flashlight built-in. Swipe up to reveal Control Center and tap on the Flashlight icon. You can swipe between multiple modes: plain white, flashing white and emergency red.

8. Quietly Deliver Notifications on Apple Watch

You can choose to deliver notifications directly to the Notification Center for certain apps. This won’t alert you when you get a new notification. This setting is synced with the iPhone as well.

Next time you get a notification from such an app, swipe left and tap on the menu button. Then select Deliver Quietly option. If you change your mind, you can go in later and switch to Delivery Prominently.

9. Updating your watchOS

Apple in their latest software update has enable the ECG feature in the Series 4 Apple Watch. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and update to the latest watchOS version. After you are done then go to the Health app on your iPhone to set it up. You have to be over the age of twenty-two to use this feature, then open the new ECG app on your Watch. Rest your hand on a table and put your finger on the Digital Crown and wait for 30 seconds, try not to move during that time. After the set time, your ECG report will be ready and you will be notified if the Watch suspected something wrong with your heart rate or if you show signs of atrial fibrillation.

10. Apple Watch as Camera Remote

Open the Camera app on your Apple Watch and it will instantly fire up the Camera on your iPhone. You can then tap on the shutter button on Apple Watch to take a picture or use the timer.

11. From Apple Watch answer Calls on iPhone

You can accept calls on the Apple Watch when your iPhone is nearby. But it is not best to talk over for longer periods of time. When you get a call, scroll up and you will find an Answer on iPhone button. You can transfer an ongoing call to iPhone this way as well.

12. Try New Visual

There are a couple of really nice watch faces that make use of the curved edges of the Apple Watch Series 4, try the Fire, Water, Vapor faces.

13. Take Screenshots

You can take screenshots on Apple Watch by pressing the Digital Crown and Side button together. But the feature isn’t enabled by default. Open the Watch app, go to General -> Enable Screenshots to enable the feature.

14. Discreetly View the Time

If you just wanna see the time without raising your hand then you can tap on the screen, but that can be too bright sometimes. Instead just gently turn the Digital Crown to slowly illuminate the screen. After you have seen the time and turn it back to make the screen black.

15. Cinema Mode

There are times when you do not want your Apple Watch to light up every time you move your hand or when you get a call or notification. Swipe up to access Control Center and tap on the Cinema Mode (or Theater mode) icon to enable it.

16. Control Center Customize

In watchOS 5, you can now customize the Control Center layout to suit your needs. Scroll to the bottom of the Control Center and tap on the Edit button.

17. Access Notifications and Control Centre

In previous versions of watchOS, you could only access Notifications or Control Center from the watch face. Now, you can do it from anywhere, just in a different way.

When you are in an app, tap and hold a bit on the bottom or the top edge till you see a panel show up. Then drag it up or down to reveal Control Center or Notification Center respectively.

18. Disable Notifications

there is now a quick way to disable notifications from an annoying app on the Apple Watch. When you get a notification from the app, swipe left on it and tap on the menu button. Then select Turn off on Apple Watch.

19. Open Last Used App using Your Wrist

If you use your Apple Watch with one single app for a long stretch of time, it can get annoying to navigate to it as Apple Watch shows the watch face every time you bring up your wrist (after two minutes of inactivity).

there is a setting where you can change this behavior. Go to Settings -> General -> Wake Screen and spot the On Screen Raise Show Last App section. Here switch to Always.

20. Check Your Heart Rate

Apple Watch has a heart rate monitor built in and it is a good practice to keep checking your heart rate randomly or when you are feeling overwhelmed. Open the Heart rate app on your Apple Watch to get started.

21. Ping iPhone

Apple Watch does the heavy lifting of notifying me. But this means that I usually spend hours away from the iPhone, forgetting where it was. This is when I can open the Control Center and tap on the iPhone button to ping it. The iPhone makes a short sound that is enough for me to find it.

22. Cover Your Apple Watch to Mute

When your Apple Watch is vibrating or making a sound, or if it has lit up at a bad time, just cover your Apple Watch with your palm to mute the sound, haptic feedback and to turn off the screen.

23. Flip Apple Watch Orientation

If you are left-handed, you will wanna access the Digital Crown and the Side button on the other side. 1st, you will have to switch the bands to invert the Apple Watch. Then go to Settings -> General -> Orientation and switch to Right.

24. Add Music to Watch

Apple Watch usually has a couple of GBs free. You can load it up with your favorite music so it is always there with you. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the Music section. If you have enabled the feature, it will automatically add playlists like heavy rotation, favorites and more.

But you can add any album or playlist you want. Tap on the Add Music button and choose the album. The music is automatically downloaded to the Apple Watch when it is charging and is near the iPhone.

If you have a cellular Apple Watch, you can stream any song from Apple Music no matter where you are.

25. Listen to Podcasts on your Watch

there is a whole new Podcasts app that will let you stream and sync your latest podcasts from your iPhone so you can listen to them on your walk without the iPhone. We’ve covered the Podcasts app on the Apple Watch in detail here.

Apple watch series 4 tips and tricks - Bonus Tips

Disable Walkie Talkie Icon

If you find that there is a Walkie-Talkie icon at the top of the screen, it might be because you have marked yourself Available in the app. And it will keep running in the background until you turn it off. So open the app, scroll up and tap on the toggle next to the Available button.

Clearing the Browsing Data

Now that you can open websites on Apple Watch, there is an option to get rid of the browsing data as well. Go to Settings > General > Website Data > Clear Website Data.

Force Quit Apps

You can quit apps on Apple Watch using the Dock. But what if an app crashes and hangs up your entire Apple Watch. there is a workaround for this. Press and hold the Side button until the Power menu shows up. Then just press the Digital Crown. you will go back to the watch face and the app will quit.

Put a Monogram on Your Watch Face

In some watch faces for Series 4, like the Infograph or the Color watch face, you can put up a custom monograph. Go to the watch face customization screen to find the option.

Increase Text Size

If you have got the bigger, 44mm version of the Apple Watch, you can afford to increase the text size a bit. To do this, go to  Settings > Brightness & Text Size.

Hide apps in the Watch

You can choose to hide or disable any Watch app even if you have enabled the option to sync all available Watch apps. Open the Watch app, find the app in question and then turn oof the Show App on Apple Watch option.

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