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Whatsapp Messenger latest Updates

WhatsApp keeps updating its app to include new features in order to provide great messaging and call experience to its Whatsap users. 

Some of the Whatsapp features are still under development while a few of them have been rolled out as stable updates for both Android mobile user and iPhone (iOS) users.

Following are the latest updates that rolled out this week, so check the latest Whatsapp updates below.

Self-destructing Feature

This update is currently on the Beta version of Whatsapp and in this update, the messages will automatically delete after a particular period of time as set by the user of the Whatsapp.

Once this feature available on the Whatsapp then the 'Delete Message' feature will come with a toggle on or off button and the whatsapp users can choose a particular time interval for the messages to automatically disappear. There are 5 options for time intervals to choose from one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year. If the user choose for one hour time interval, the messages sent post selection will be deleted after 1 hour.

Call waiting support

In the Whatsapp version 2.19.120 they introduced call waiting support. The update currently is only available for iPhone (iOS) users. The Android update for Whatsapp will be rolled out soon. In this update, the Whatsapp users will be able to receive another WhatsApp call while they are already on one call.
Earlier the receivers did not get a call waiting notification n Whatsapp and instead of that they would notify the user of a Missed call once they disconnected the current call.

Multiple device support

According to the report, Whatsapp adding the feature of multiple device support to its Android app, a similar feature has been rolled out in the WhatsApp Beta version for iPhones (iOS).

The WhatsApp Beta for iOS has the new feature called 'Registration Notifications', which will be very useful when an iPhone or iPad user requests a new code from a 2nd device.

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