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iPhone 12 Latest Good and Shocking News

iPhone 12 Latest Good and Shocking News

iPhone 12 Latest Good and Shocking News

New reports are stating that the Apple iPhone 12 is finally going to be removing the knotch and I'm going to be sharing the details right here. So another week and another batch of leaks and reports around the Apple iPhone 12 we've got a mixture of good news and bad along with reports and render stating that Apple are going to be ditching the notch to provide us with a full-screen display on the iPhone 12. We've got a lot more good news than bad so we're gonna get the bad news out of the way first.

iPhone Release Date Delayed

The bad news is that we may see a delay on the iPhone 12 there's a huge amount of reasons why this may be the case but it's important to note well it does seem very likely it hasn't actually been confirmed, Jon Prosser has stated that the prototyping isn't finished yet and it can't be completed at due to execs not able to fly to China and some other blogs are stating that the iPhone 12 will be delayed due to supply chain issues and not being able to produce enough units in time a Japanese news site called Nikkei however, claims that the delay is a decision by Apple for another reason altogether they've advised that Apple had an internal discussion about delaying the launch over fears that the Apple iPhone 12 is not going to sell well in the current economic situation.

They stated that the supply chain restraints aside they're forecasting a significantly lower demand for consumers to upgrade their phone which will lead it to a tame reception of the Apple iPhone 12 the iPhone 12 is expected to be their first 5g phone so it does need to be a hit of course with many worried about their income as well as their own and family safety upgrading the smartphone is probably the last thing on their mind right now I also told you of a new short-range ultra-fast Wi-Fi that was believed to be used in the Apple iPhone 12 many were speculating that the reason for such Wi-Fi was for apples AR glasses to work with the iPhone 12 but it doesn't look like this is gonna happen a new report has been issued at this states the expected date to commercialize the Apple AR glasses is now going to be 2022 of course this new ultra-fast Wi-Fi could still be present in the iPhone 12 as it will have other great uses such as airdrop.

So the bad news out of the way we're going to focus on the good now.

Foxconn is one of Apple's main suppliers in issued a statement say that they've got enough workers now to meet seasonal demand and the factories are prepared for the launch of the 2020 iPhones. Apple have also informed their employees that they plan to start reopening retail stores in China in the first half of April for the Apple iPhone 12 we've had news of a periscope lens being present for the very first time in an Apple smartphone for those unaware a periscope lens uses a prism or mirror to refract light onto the sensor and it provides optical magnification unlike digital zoom that reduces the quality immensely many blogs in YouTube videos I've seen a stating that will likely see this on the Apple iPhone 12 and of course many other smartphone manufacturers have been using the lens for some time minty quo however has stated this isn't happening until 2022 and given his track record I would consider his reporting up much more likely.

iPhone Karki

We've also got news of Apple's Karki iPhone upgrade that people are expecting to be in the Apple iPhone 12 it was found within code for iOS 14 and it's going to allow i phone 12 users to be able to unlock their car using their iphone it's also going to allow iphone 12 users to share with their friends allowing them to unlock their car as well Apple is reportedly landed at one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world is its launch partner but at this stage we don't know which one it is finally.

iPhone 12 Notch

We've got the great news of an Apple iPhone 12 coming without a notch this is the news most of you wanted to hear and it turns out that it is a possibility the report suggests that Apple are going to be making a drastic design change in the iPhone 12 and it plans to remove the notch all together Apple are reportedly gonna squeeze the sensors into the top bezel of the iPhone 12 so that users can still enjoy a secure 3d face unlock without the need for having a knotch a similar design has also been revealed in the latest concept video from smashes G where he shows off a full screen range of iPhone 12s that are sticking with the dual camera design on the back now it's important to note that these renders are simply what he believes it's going to look like and not necessarily what it is gonna look like Ming Chico has also advised that the iPhone 12 is going to be getting support for sense shifting stabilization this is gonna allow the actual image sensor to move slightly and it's gonna help it handle movement and vibrations better to provide even better stabilization overall of course with the iPhone 12 launch now being further away it may be longer until we get confirmation from Apple.

While news of no notch is great I personally think that we may be seeing this not for just one more year to be able to squeeze so many sensors into a small bezel they would have to make compromises to quality and performance and as we know that's not really Apple style of course I could be wrong but only time will tell with previous reports are faster Wi-Fi 65 watt fast charging and a newer even more secure 3d face unlock is looking like the iPhone 12 is gonna be very impressive however the final design turns out we do already have a lots of information about the iPhone 12 so we're gonna run through.

What we know about each version of the upcoming smartphone when it comes to the iPhone 12 though one thing we haven't had leaked yet is the name although we're unlikely to see any radical changes that so we're going to assume for this video that it's called the Apple iPhone 12 we're expecting to get four new iPhone 12s in the range which is going to be two different iPhone 12s the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 pro max we're expecting Apple to increase the display sizes on the most premium models although those who want to smaller display is still gonna have an option reliable analyst min Chico has advised that there's going to be two iPhone 12 versions the small iPhone 12 is going to have a 5.4 inch display and the larger one will have a 6.1 inch we then get a 6.1 inch display which is the iPhone 12 pro and a 6 point 7 inch display which is the iPhone 12 pro max unlike last year however all models are reportedly going to be using an OLED display and the resolution will differ across the range the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 will likely have a lower resolution than the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 prohm.

What there are rumors of Apple removing the knotch I really can't see this happening in typical Apple fashion we're still expecting a full screen display with a notch top Center it's too early for in display camera sensors and the apple going for a punch hole they also need a time-of-flight sensor on the front for their 3d face unlock and while Apple did ditched a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 10 there were reports that it's going to be coming back in the form of an in display fingerprint scanner there are reports suggesting that Apple are also going to be increasing their refresh rates on the latest displays while most phones have stuck to 60 Hertz displays it's been changing recently and Apple are also going to be joining this trend at this stage we don't know if they're going to be using 90 Hertz 120 Hertz or even a mixture of the two across the range when it comes to the rear of the device.

We're expecting a similar camera setup to last year but the more premium model we'll have more cameras minke quo has again advised that both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 pro max are going to be adding time-of-flight cameras to the RAM for those unaware time-of-flight cameras are 3d depth cameras and then what Apple uses on the front for the 3d face unlock the time-of-flight sensors on the rear however use slightly different technology that allow it to map 3d objects from further away this significantly improves augmented reality applications and allows for more improved portrait style photo and video effects we're likely going to see slight upgrades on the other cameras of the iPhone 12s but given the great performance in its predecessor they won't be changing things too much reports are suggesting that the two more budget models are going to have a dual camera setup or the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro max are going to have a quad camera setup with the inclusion of the 3d depth camera.

iPhone 12 Chip

The iPhone 12 is of course can be powered by the new a 14 Bionic processor this is actually manufactured using five nanometer lithography which will bring significant improvements and there's a good chance that it will be the first 5 nanometer chipset to hit the market when it comes to ran the iPhone 12 pro max is expected to come with 6 gigs of ram or the standard iPhone 12 will only have 4 this is something that I think Apple actually do well compared to Android manufacturers will they throw in a necessarily large amount of memories causing the consumer to pay for memory that they don't even need when it comes to storage you're expecting a choice of 64 256 or 512 gigs internal storage for the first time ever consumers fell Apple did a great job in prioritizing the battery life on the predecessor so hopefully that's something that's going to continue with the iPhone 12.

What graphene batteries are still out of the question that we can expect a 5.4 inch iPhone 12 to be around 2,800 milliamp hours the 6.1 inch is probably going to be around 3150 and the six point seven inch of contained around of 4300 milliamp hour battery one thing that is a little unknown at the moment is of course 5g connectivity Apple are very bad when it comes to 5g thanks to earlier issues with Qualcomm so we're on tour at this stage if that's something we will see in the iPhone 12 is rumored that the iPhone 12 is going to have 5g connectivity but there aren't actually any leaks or reports to back that up the open 12 is going to be IP 68 water resistant and it's of course going to ship with iOS 14.

iPhone 12 Price

Now when it comes to pricing we of course want lower prices on the Apple iPhone 12 but it does seem unlikely we did however have this with the predecessor when the base iPhone was actually cheaper than the XR so it's not impossible unfortunately material prices have increased this year so I expect the smallest 5.4 inch iPhone to launch at around 750 dollars or 800 pounds the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 to be around $900 or 950 pounds the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 Pro to be 1050 dollars or 1,100 pounds and finally the six point seven inch iPhone 12 Pro to be about $1200 or 1,250 pounds of course it's not all about specs and we're likely going to see some new software features or improvements to the current features in iOS 14.

The iPhone 12 is set to launch in September as always and it's always around the second week they release so we can expect see the iPhone 12 range on either the 8th or the 15th of September and the iPhone 12 will be released about 10 days afterwards of course being so far away these are leaks and rumors but as more information comes to light I'll be sharing with you guys straight away as always though I'd like to know your thoughts in the who out there is waiting for the iPhone 12 which model are you waiting for and do you think it is gonna have a knotch tell us in the comment section below.

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