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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Full Review and Price

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Full Review and Price

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Full Review and Price

This year Samsung has gone above and beyond their normal flagship plus model releasing the Galaxy S20 ultra 5G this thing is a beast offering the highest end features available from Samsung but are they worth the higher price tag let's find out in our galaxy S20 ultra review.

This is the S20 ultra 5G and compared to the other S20 models this one stands out in a big way it has a huge display a larger battery and the most advanced camera setup we've seen from Samsung.


The phone is made of glass with a metal frame just a note that this is the S20 version which has support for the potentially much faster 5G network speeds there's apparently also an LTE only version to looks-wise it isn't very exciting the cosmic grey finish doesn't do much to catch the eye in contrast to the dazzling once we saw from Samsung last year the defining design element is the camera setup on the back which is tall and takes up a lot of real estate it's of course practical but won't win any beauty contests. 

Water Resistance

As a Samsung flagship we'd be surprised if there wasn't any water resistance on this phone and sure enough you get full ip68 protection here.

S20 Look

On the front is a giant 6.9 inch AMOLED display with the high q-- HD resolution and up at the top is a punch hole cut out for the 40 megapixel quad bear selfie camera the screen is curved on the sides but it's more subtle than on previous Samsung flagships and should make accidental screen activations less of a problem.

New Features

All of the S20 has come with a new headline feature and that's a 120 Hertz screen refresh rate this means moving elements on the screen will look much smoother but there's a caveat you can only use a high refresh rate here if you turn the resolution down to 1080p so you have to make a choice between a sharper experience or a smoother one we generally preferred the smoother one even though the sharpness suffers a little it's hard to notice the difference and content still looks awesome colors are bland but quite accurate and you can make them punch your in settings and there is support for HDR 10 plus 2 if you're looking for that kind of content on top of that this display is one of the brightest we've ever tested but after almost 900 nits in auto mode and recognitions otherwise the manual slider by itself will get you up to 400.


Under the display phones ultrasonic fingerprint reader it works fine they'll compare to the lightning-fast setup so we've seen from some competitors it is a bit slow.


The S20 ultra has a pair of stereo speakers for your audio with the earpiece acting as the second speaker these sound great they're really loud and well-balanced too.

Headphone Jack and Card Slot

It comes as no surprise that there's no headphone jack on this phone so you'll have to use the USB-C port and a dongle is not included in the box there are three storage tiers on the S20 ultra and they start at 128 gigs storage is expandable to through the card slot at the top.

Android Version

The user interface is Samsung's 1uy 2.1 / android 10 it comes with some tiny tweaks over the 2.0 version such as rearrangement of some menus and settings 

Direct Video Call

There is a brand new feature though now you can make video calls directly through the phone app with google duo now there's no need to download a third-party video chat and you can use the power button as a shortcut for various mapable functions but by default it will activate the virtual assistant.

S20 Ultra Processor

The S20 ultra comes with two variants as far as internals go you either get a snapdragon 865 or an Exynos 990 chipset both are top-of-the-line and not for the best performance you can get these days from an Android phone on top of that the display has 240 Hertz touch sensing for extra responsiveness when gaming however our Exynos unit was quick to heat up when running benchmarks or games and we ran into thermal throttling after just a few minutes of use.


The galaxy S20 ultra has a huge 5000 mah battery inside would you'd expect more from a mid-range err with a focus on battery life with the display set to 120 Hertz the phone delivers good but not spectacular endurance scoring 87 hours in our tests switching the display over to sixty Hertz and qHD the results are better with a score of 97 endurance hours it's great but still not what you'd expect from the big battery, although the S20 ultra supports 45 watt charging you only get a 25 watt one in the box it still gives you a speedy charge though we were able to get from 0 to 64 percent in half an hour and you have wireless charging here as well as a wireless power share which you can use to top-up other compatible device .

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Review

Now on to what is arguably the star of the show the galaxy S20 Ultra is quad camera setup there's a whopping 108 megapixel main camera a 48 megapixel periscope telephoto cam a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a tof def sensor if you're interested even though the 108 megapixel main camera is the headline feature instills we didn't find a ton of improvement quality wise over last year's no 10 but we really did enjoy the shallow depth of field that the large sensor provides and this is what makes the camera stand out for us 

The biggest benefit of the new camera system is really the higher quality zoom the telephoto lens shoots at 4x natively and these photos are excellent going further looks nice all the way up to 10x zoom the 100x zoom though is just a marketing gimmick we were actually pleasantly surprised by the ultra wide camps and nighttime shots which are clearly better than the note tents as far as video goes 4k footage taken during the day looks great as expected but nighttime footage looks surprisingly awesome it really benefits from the size of the 108 megapixel sensor the major new feature as far as video recording goes is the ability to record an 8k at 24 fps it looks good it was hard to appreciate the benefits unless you have an 8k monitor so we'd rather stick with 4k for now.

Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

So there you have it guys the galaxy S20 ultra brings the high-end features you love to see in a flagship phone a huge high refresh rate AMOLED screen a versatile set of cameras the latest chipset fast charging waterproofing and stereo speakers but for over thirteen hundred euros is the S20 ultra worth getting over a less expensive flagship I'm not so sure the cameras don't quite live up to the hype the zoom is a major benefit here but it's only good at up to 10x otherwise the chipset is an upgrade but is prone to throttling there's a large battery but it doesn't offer you better battery life and the screen is cutting edge but it can be run in both qHD and the high refresh rate at the same time all these features just don't live up to their full potential I understand the brand new tech comes with limitations but this is just too much of a price to ask her device is not substantially better than what we've seen before so you'd probably be better off with another phone unless you're really after the best that money can buy.

So this is full review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Keep Visiting QasimTricks for more contents like this.

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