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Samsung Finally Created a Smartphone with 100% Screen to Body Ratio

Samsung Finally Created a Smartphone with 100% Screen to Body Ratio
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Samsung Finally Created a Smartphone with 100% Screen to Body Ratio

So Samsung maybe surprising us with a 100% screen to body ratio on that upcoming device but it may not be what you think, the story today is that Samsung will be delivering a 100% screen to body ratio before they deliver the in-display selfie camera.

The news comes courtesy of on leaks who has again at leaked a design impressively early and given us 360 renders of this new device, unfortunately, this new smartphone from Samsung is currently a little bit unknown, it's not the new Galaxy Note or the S smartphone we actually have no idea what they're going to call it what we do know however is that there's gonna be minimal bezel all around the front as we've got a motorized pop-out selfie camera this is actually something I never thought we'd see from Samsung considering the idea has been released by many other manufacturers and Samsung have ignored it up until now.

Mobile Expected Specs

This phone is not gonna be a flagship and it will, of course, be a mid-range smartphone in the market we can tell this by its overall design and as we know Samsung is a little bit more experimental what when it comes to their a range so expect this to be one of those the new smartphone has a completely flat display on the front and the display size is 6.5 inches we've got minimal bezels around but there is however a little bit of a chin at the bottom up for the display components. We don't have resolution details just yet we expect this to be a full HD Plus display protected by Gorilla Glass the phone dimensions come in at 180 3.5 by 77 by nine-point two millimeters we can, of course, see a pop-up selfie camera with no LED flash on the rear we've got a physical fingerprint scanner meaning there's not going to be an in-display sensor.

We've got a curved back and a triple camera setup along with an LED flash and of course the Samsung logo towards the bottom on the bottom of the phone we've got a USB type-c port with a single speaker grille on the left and a noise-canceling mic on the right. There's no three and a half mil audio jack but we do however have at what appears to be an IR blaster up on top. So hopefully many will be pleased here there are still many unknowns about this phone though so it's gonna be interesting to see what they actually release.

We don't know if it's gonna be 5g or simply 4G LTE we also have no idea what system-on-chip is gonna be used we can assume storage and RAM are going to be a little lower than their flagship but given that it is a mid-range device but how they're pricing it will, of course, it depend on what specs we expect given that it does look very similar to the Redmi Note 8 pros then it could be similar specs to that but at the same time no one can compete with Xiaomi's pricing strategy so I think they may above or below.

When it comes to the cameras we again only know their locations so we've got no idea of what lenses all sensors are being used in this smartphone when it comes to the release date this Samsung smartphone was expected to be announced in the next few months it will, however, be when the worldwide lockdown does come to an end and things begin turning to normal so it may be a little bit longer than we're expecting unfortunately we're likely to experience a lot of delays in this industry and thanks to the recent outbreak for those after a mid-range device though it's definitely one to keep an eye on and I'm glad a more mainstream company has finally gone for the pop-out selfie camera.

They are however a little bit late to the party and considering many are looking for in-display cameras some of the larger companies are playing it a little bit too safe I mean realistically the top-performing companies are no longer pushing smartphone innovations as always though I'd like to know your thoughts down in the who are there as excited for the release of this new mid-range phone from Samsung and if not what phone are you excited for.

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