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Microsoft Windows 10x is Coming to Laptops and Single Screen Devices

Microsoft Windows 10x is now Coming to Laptops and Single Screen Devices -

Windows 10x is Coming to Single Screen Devices

Microsoft confirms Windows 10x is coming to laptops amid big jump in Windows usage yeah so Microsoft announced Windows 10 last year as they were previewing some of their new devices right.

I keep mixing up the surface duo and the surface neo's that has the keyboard that kind of snaps on to the screen so the duo is running a Microsoft version of android and then the neo is running this new Windows 10x no let's stick with 10x so it's running Windows 10x and so it was designed to focus on improving the user interface to work better on multi-screen devices.

Well we kind of got some previews of those devices there were several people on Microsoft's campus carrying them around people even felt like they might come out early that we might see them as soon as august but they were announced for december.

Microsoft has since announced that no dual screen devices are going to come out in 2020 so it's now a 2021 thing but while they're holding up the hardware they're not holding up the software they actually have noticed a 75% increase in people using their Windows computers during the pandemic.

So what they're saying is more people are using Windows than one than ever and so they want to get people you know with this new interface and so instead of holding Windows 10 for the dual screen devices they're going to go ahead and release it early and that means that it's going to be here in 2020 that we're going to see this new operating system drop all right.

What's new in 10x ?

Obviously it was designed based around the assumption of multiple screens but if if you're just putting it on a laptop are we going to notice much difference between?

So this is the tricky part Microsoft's been really tight-lipped on it and so the only thing we really know is it has a more efficient user interface the user interface is a lot more simple and designed to help you get your applications quicker.

So it's like the south park quote right it's supposed to be faster with better connectivity to the internet they're keeping it quiet that it's self-aware or that you have to get one of those like brain plugs out of the matrix it made itself and hasn't told us yet so we don't know now.

The other thing we find interesting is when Windows 10 launched Microsoft said that's it we're going to go to a rolling release on this thing and so you know instead of releasing a new version of Windows every three to five years they're just gonna do Windows 10 and it's going to get a major update every six months and they've pretty much held that with the various crazy six month updates so some people felt like we might just have Windows 10 the rest of our lives.

Windows 10 x that might actually be the next step this might be the equivalent of Windows 11 we'll have to see. 

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