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Apple iPhone 13 Latest News and Upgrades -

 Apple iPhone 13 Latest News and Upgrades

The Apple iPhone 13 is finally coming with the upgrade we all wanted to see and in this post, I'll be sharing the all details. 

So today we have plenty of news about the Apple iPhone 13, we have plenty of details about the specs & hardware, and finally something that we've all been waiting to see.

Wireless Upgrade on iPhone 13

So 1st story of the day is about a wireless upgrade on the Apple iPhone 13, while not the most exciting bit of news it's still a great upgrade here.

After discussions with multiple Apple suppliers Barclays analysts who have been the source of many past leaks have advised that the iPhone 13 will be coming with WiFi 6e.

Wi-Fi 6e is of course an improvement over the wifi 6 standard we see in smartphones today.

Wifi 6e will give the iPhone 13 all the capabilities of wifi 6 but results in increased bandwidth and less interference in the 6ghz band.

So in simple terms better-performing wifi.

The Barclays analysts are pretty reliable and were actually the people who first advised us of there no longer being a power brick in the packaging.

iPhone 13 Display

Next up we have more news from Elec, who has been another great source of iPhone leaks, they give further weight to the fact that the iPhone 13 will have 120hz displays.

While we had all this information last time and it didn't happen, the leaks weren't wrong and it was close to happening but unfortunately, 5G took preference.

With so many now reporting 120hz LTPO displays on the iPhone 13 pro and the 13 pro max it's looking likely at the next step for Apple.

The elec stated Two out of the four models launching next year will use low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LPTO) thin-film transistors (TFT). (LPTO) technology is needed for the screens to reach a 120Hz refresh rate.

All four models will use on-cell touch screens as well.

iPhone 13 Notch

Next up we have news of a feature you've all been wanting to see in the iPhone 13, and while it may not be quite what you wanted, it's definitely an improvement.

Everyone is wanting apple to remove the notch and as I keep saying for the iPhone 13 that's just not going to happen.

We had news from Ice universe a while back that on the iPhone 13 the notch will be smaller and this has now been further backed up by Digitimes.

The reason for the notch is of course to house the cameras and sensors for the front and Digitimes states that apple will be streamlining the chip used in the front camera allowing for a reduction of the notch.

The smaller notch will also allow for a change in the rear camera array so we will hopefully see some improvements there.

We also had Jon Prosser saying that there are iPhone 13 prototypes with a smaller notch and of course this is something Apple has been working on for years.

Now, of course, Digitimes is not the most reliable source and we are still at very early stages, so even if there is an iPhone 13 prototype with a smaller notch then it doesn't mean it's happening.

We had prototypes of the predecessor with 120hz this year and unfortunately due to battery and mass production issues it wasn't able to make the final product.

That being said going by all the leaks the clear focus for improvement in the iPhone 13 seems to be 120hz, a smaller notch & an in-display fingerprint scanner to bring back touch ID.

In 2021 this is all easily achievable so we just have to hope that Apple can find a way to efficiently deliver this to the consumers.

While we do have many concepts renders and an idea of what the iPhone 13 will look like, there is still plenty of time for changes and many variations of prototypes but of course, we'll keep you updated as we are aware of them.