Flywheel Review 2024 - Is It The Fastest Web Hosting?

flywheel hosting review 2022

Flywheel Review 2024

In this Flywheel review 2024, we'll be going to show you everything that you need to know about Flywheel before deciding if they are the right hosting provider for you.

In this Flywheel review, we will start by breaking down the pricing structure and show you how to get the best deal currently available on Flywheel.

Next, we will guide you through the entire signup process and judge how easy their platform is to use.

We will then grade their performance based on page load speed and uptime from the Flywheel plan that we purchase.

And lastly, we will provide you with the pros and cons and my honest recommendations on if or who should buy Flywheel.

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Pricing Options for Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting Plan

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Now when we scroll down to the pricing options you can see Flywheel has four different pricing plans.

  • Tiny
  • Starter
  • Freelance
  • Agency
flywheel all 4 plans of web hosting

Flywheel All Plans Differences

Going from the Tiny Plan to the Starter then Freelance and the last one is the Agency.

And the main differences here are the number of websites you're allowed to have and the number of visits that they also let you have.

So for example in the Tiny plan which costs $13/month, you're allowed to have 1 website and 5000-monthly visits.

And you allowed 5GB of this space and the bandwidth which is pretty much the same as the monthly visits.

So this is a handy plan to have as most hosting providers normally start at the Starter plan for the 25,000 monthly visits.

But when you're starting you're probably not getting that traffic.

So having the $13/month, Tiny plan is really handy.

5 Best Flywheel Features

Before getting into the full Flywheel review 2024, let's take a look at the top 5 best Flywheel features.

And from their pricing page, you can see that Flywheel has some unique features that other hosting providers don't have.

pricing page of flywheel

1. Managed WordPress Hosting

So first of all Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting solution.

And they run all their servers on the Google Cloud platform which is supposed to be the fastest option you can have.

2. Custom Cache

They also have their own custom caching solution called Fly cache.

And it's available on all their plans and so is their CDN which is run by fastly.

3. Auto Healing Technology

Another great feature that you have by running your server on the cloud is the auto-healing technology.

So for example, if one of your servers goes down it's not going to matter.

As it will be replaced by another server on the cloud and keep your website running.

And this also means that it can expand as much as you need.

4. Free Nightly Backups

A few more features that are worthy of mentioning are the free nightly backups that are also provided on all their plans.

This is a very underrated but very important feature to have as it will keep a copy of your website in case something happens.

5. Free Website Migration

And the next unique feature is their free website migration.

Their team will personally migrate all your websites over to Flywheel for free as a personal service to you.

So if you're switching from another hosting provider.

We recommend you let them do this for you as it will save you a lot of time and hassle.

How Long Should You Buy Flywheel Plan?

Another thing we want to recommend and mention is that you should always buy your hosting plan for as long as you can.

Once you're happy with your hosting provider you can save money.

So in this case, if you're happy to move forward with Flywheel it's probably better to get the annual plan instead of their monthly plan.

So as you can see in the pic below it's going to save you a lot more money by going on your annual plan.

annual pricing of flywheel web hosting

For example the Starter it's going to be $30 monthly but it's only going to be $25 a month on the annual plan.

So you're getting two months for free.

You have a 30-day refund period at the start where you can get your money back.

So go for the annual plan if you can afford it.

So now it's up to you on which plan you want to pick but we would base it on the number of websites we need and the estimated monthly visits that we'll be going to get.

Flywheel Pricing and Plans Review Overall

The overall pricing score we would give Flywheel is a 10 out of 10.

They provide you all the expected features of a managed WordPress hosting provider.

They have their own custom caching solution called fly cache.

And they have also integrated with fastly CDN and provide you the automatic Nightly backup.

All of this is for free, they also use Google Cloud servers to host your website.

Which is supposed to be the fastest and more expensive than other providers.

But we'll make sure to conduct a speed test later in this Flywheel review 2024 to see if this is true or not.

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After Purchase Setup and Ease of Use for Flywheel

Right away from their home page, it looks very easy to navigate with the custom user interface compared to the Cpanel that a lot of other hosting providers use.

The design is also very clean and simple, there's only one simple tab that you will ever need for each of your websites.

flywheel dashboard look

So for example, if you want to set up your backups you just click on backup and it'll quickly take you to each version of your backups.

If you want to do something more advanced you can click on Advanced and you can do things from there.

And if you ever want to access your site you simply just click on wp-admin from any screen and it will take you straight to your backend.

advanced wp admin button

How to Install WordPress on Flywheel?

So now let's see how easy it is to install WordPress with Flywheel to do this, then follow the steps below:

1. Click on the new site.

create new website

2. Select your plan.

create website on your account

3. Scroll down and add your site name.

4. Now create your username and password for your WordPress admin dashboard.

5. And now click on create a site now.

create wordpress on flywheel

Give it a little bit of time to load up your site and that's it your WordPress website will be fully up and running.

How to Install a Free SSL Certificate on Flywheel?

And what about installing an SSL certificate let's see how easy that is.

1. All you have to do is to click on 3 dots under the domain and click on enable SSL.

free ssl certificate

2. Select the free option.

get free ssl certificate on flywheel

3. And scroll down and click on complete SSL setup.

complete free ssl install setup

Now give it a few moments for it to be fully activated.

So after refreshing the page and you can see your website is secured with SSL.

Flywheel Setup and Ease of Use Review Overall

Overall we would score Flywheel a 9 out of 10 for setup and ease of use.

We think all users would like a clean and comprehensive user interface.

And just how easy and responsive it is to navigate and do things to your site.

We did take one mark away from them for not having the option to purchase the domain name from Flywheel.

They also don't have the option for you to host your emails with them.

Not having these options make it harder to use overall for someone like a beginner who's looking for the simplest solution.

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Flywheel Speed and Uptime Performance Review

Now let's check out the full-speed test review of Flywheel below.

So after we have installed the basic WordPress site we went ahead and tested out the speed of our website using GT Metrix.

The result is just half a second that's right 0.5 seconds.

speed test without plugins install on flywheel

This is an amazing start for Flywheel as they are the fastest website we have tested out so far.

So now we would take it a step further and add some design elements to it to increase the page size.

We would install WP Fastest Cache which is for speed optimization.

But Flywheel has its own server-level caching which is supposed to be faster than any plugin.

flycache plugins

So we don't have to do anything here at all.

The next plugin we will install is Short Pixel which is for image optimization.

And lastly, we will install Flywheels free CDN instead of our usual Cloudflare CDN.

This content delivery network will also increase the website performance free of charge.

This will overall make it more comparable to what you would do in real life.

And the speed is now 0.9 seconds which makes them one of the fastest hosting providers we've tested so far.

speed test after installing plugins on flywheel

And they easily pass google's recommended site load speed of 2-3 seconds.

Flywheel Uptime Performance Test

Now we have been monitoring the stability performance of Flywheel with Uptime Robot.

And can report that their uptime for the last 30 days is a perfect 100%.

uptime performance test of flywheel

They have not had any downtime for over 70 days in a row which is very impressive.

Flywheel Speed and Performance Overall Review

Overall we would rate Flywheel speed and uptime performance a perfect 10 out of 10.

We cannot fault them for anything here.

They have the equal fastest page load speed we have ever tested from any hosting provider.

And their 100% uptime is amazing too.

So well done to Flywheel overall in this performance department.

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Flywheel Customer Support Review 2024

Flywheel provides 24/7 customer support through email, live chat, and phone support.

So you can contact them at any time of the day when you need their help.

We have tested them out by asking these three different questions on live chat.

Questions Asked

1. One we will tell them that we have been infected by a virus on our website and ask for their help.

2. Two we asked them a quick question about their domain name renewal cost.

3. Three we asked them if they could do us a favor and install an SSL certificate and Cloudflare app for us.


1. For the first question they were willing to help and looked into it right away.

The live chat support staff could not resolve the problem for us.

But did escalate the case and we received a response solving my problem within 30 minutes.

Which is more than acceptable in my book they were also willing to remove all malware for free as part of their service.

2. For the second question unfortunately Flywheel does not offer domain names but they were able to answer our question very fast straight away.

3. For the last question Flywheel also resolved it fairly quickly for us.

Although we were not fully happy with it and we explained why they were willing to help install our SSL certificate.

And did this very fast without having to touch any buttons.

However, when it came to Cloudflare installation they were not willing to go the extra mile and help us here.

They just said it was an external tool.

So they cannot help and we would have to contact Cloudflare support if we needed further help.

Flywheel Customer Support Different Time Test

We contacted them at three different times of the day to make sure we get an overall average.

And not just a biased fast response during their off-peak hours.

So the three times were 2 minutes, 59 seconds, and 5 minutes.

The average of these 3 times turns out to be around 2 minutes, which is certainly more than acceptable.

And is fairly fast we think the max wait time for any hosting company should be kept to under 5 minutes.

Flywheel Customer Support Review Overall

Overall we would have to score Flywheel support a 9 out of 10.

Their support team was generally friendly and willing to help immediately without having to ask twice.

And their response time is also fairly fast and is under my required 5 minutes.

We just took one mark off them for not being willing to help with the Cloudflare installation.

When we pay a premium for a service we would expect premium support in return.

And we didn't quite feel like that with Flywheel.

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Pros and Cons of Flywheel


  • Load Speed is Fastest at 0.9 seconds.
  • No Downtime for 70 days straight.
  • Intuitive backend system.
  • 5 Data Centers from 5 different countries.
  • Free Custom cache solution.
  • CDN solutions.
  • Free automatic backups.
  • 30-Days money-back guarantee.
  • Free website migrations.


  • You can't purchase domain names with Flywheel.
  • They don't offer free Email hosting.

Flywheel Review Honest Recommendation

So this is the full Flywheel review 2024.

Overall we have given Flywheel an average score of 9.5 out of 10.

They are right up there when it comes to the price, speed, features, and ease of use.

So this is my recommendation for you if you're a beginner or advanced user looking for a well-rounded managed WordPress hosting provider with great performance then Flywheel is a very solid option that we think you should strongly consider.

If you are ready to make a Flywheel hosting purchase then consider purchasing it from the links below to get a discount if one's available.

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