Inmotion Hosting Review 2023 - Details, Features & Pricing

Inmotion Hosting Review 2022 Pros, Cons, Features, and Pricing


Inmotion Hosting Review 2023

In this Inmotion Hosting review 2023, we're going to show you everything that you need to know about Inmotion Hosting.

Before deciding if Inmotion Hosting is the right web hosting provider for you.

In this comprehensive Inmotion hosting review 2023, we will break down the pricing structure and show you how to get the best deal currently available.

Next, we will guide you through the entire sign-up process and judge how easy their platform is to use.

We will then grade their performance based on page load speed and uptime from the Inmotion Hosting plan that we purchase.

Lastly, we will provide you with the pros and cons and our honest recommendation on if or who should buy Inmotion Hosting.

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Pricing Review For Inmotion Shared Hosting Plans 2023

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We will be comparing their Shared hosting plans although Inmotion does offer other types of hosting like VPS and Dedicated hosting.

Other web hosting plan, Shared, VPS, Dedicated and more for inmotion web hosting

So they can support you when your business grows and you're ready for an upgrade.

Inmotion Hosting Shared Hosting Plans

Inmotion Hosting has four shared hosting plans:

  • Lite Plan
  • Launch Plan
  • Power Plan
  • Pro Plan
four shared hosting plan for inmotion hosting

The prices range from $2.29 per month (36-months plan) on the Lite plan up to $12.99 per month for the Pro plan.

And the main differences between these four plans are the number of websites you can have on your hosting, the storage space, the performance, and the speed.

And lastly is the number of email addresses you can have.

A quick note is on their Launch, Power and Pro plan you'll get a free domain with it.

Which Inmotion Hosting Plan Should You Buy?

So it's going to be up to your preference really on how many websites you need.

But just in our opinion, we would never buy the Launch plan which is the same price as the Power plan.

But you get nowhere near the same features.

So this is confusing to us we don't know why hosting has this launch plan just doesn't make sense and we suggest you never purchase that.

And for us also the Pro plan is not worth the money as it costs two and a half times more than the Power plan.

But you're not getting much more for it.

So our recommendation to you is very simple here.

If you only need one website and you're running a local business then we suggest you purchase the Lite plan.

However, if you need more than one website then go for the Power plan.

It's that simple and the prices for both these plans are fairly cheap and it's affordable.

How Long Should You Buy Inmotion Hosting Plan?

Now in terms of the length of the payment plan you're gonna purchase there's a choice of 3 years, 2 years, 1 year, and 1 month.

3 years long term buying plan pricing for shared hosting

We always recommend you to buy the longest plan possible as it usually is the cheapest.

So for example 3years for a Lite plan is $2.29 if you go to 2 years it increases the $2.79.

If you go to 1 year it's $4.99.

So there's no point not buying the longest plan because when you renew your plan it's going to be $8.99.

Anyway so purchase it for the longest length if possible.

Inmotion Hosting 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Inmotion Hosting also has a 90-day money-back guarantee on all their shared hosting plan that you purchased that is longer than one year.

So if after reading this review and you've seen all our tests and you think Inmotion is right for you then try and go for the three-year plan if you can.

As it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Should You Buy Domain Name from Inmotion Hosting?

Now the last thing we want to talk about under the pricing section is the domain name cost.

So even though Inmotion gives you the first year for free.

Then it will cost you $15.99 per year for the domain and it's going to cost you another $12.99 per year for domain privacy.

So this is going to work out to be almost $30 per year.

This is expensive and we don't know why other reviewers don't recommend this to you but it annoys us.

And we always mention in all our reviews don't buy domain names from hosting providers buy them from dedicated domain name providers.

And a good one is NameSilo and Namecheap and it only costs $8.99 from NameSilo and $8.88 per year from NameCheap.

With the domain privacy included for both and domain.

Privacy is very important as it will stop marketers from emailing and contacting you all the time and annoying you with their services.

So overall the decision is very simple NameSilo and Namecheap is three times cheaper than Inmotion Hosting.

So it makes perfect sense to us why you would go that option.

But if you're lazy and you have the money then you can always just buy with Inmotion Hosting.

Inmotion Hosting Pricing and Plan Overall

The overall pricing score we would give to Inmotion is an 8 out of 10.

They are a cheap hosting provider starting at just $2.29 per month we believe they do provide you with enough basic features to get started.

We don't like the fact that they charge so much for the domain name but at least they offer you one year for free.

So that's not too bad and all other hosting providers pretty much do the same as them as well.

We did take one mark off them as they don't offer automatic daily backup on all their plans.

We believe this feature is very important and should come as standard on all hosting plans nowadays instead of paying $2/month extra for it like with Inmotion.

And we also took another mark off them for not having a dedicated custom caching plugin hosting providers like this "Click here" to provide this feature.

It would further increase the speed performance of your website but is missing here with Inmotion hosting.

This would not matter if their overall speed is still high.

But there's only one way to find out and that is to test it and we will do just that below in this review, so keep reading to find out.

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After Purchase Setup and Ease of Use Review for Inmotion Hosting 2023

Right away from their home page, you can see it looks fairly easy to navigate with the custom dashboard compared to the Cpanel that a lot of other hosting providers use.

inmotion hosting dashboard look

We believe the design also looks fairly clean and simple with a lot of good shortcut buttons.

But you can still access your Cpanel from there.

access cpanel from the dashboard

One thing we don't quite like from their home page there's still a fair bit of upsells on their dashboard.

Which shouldn't be the case as you're trying to concentrate on building your website and not upgrading things.

So for example on the right-hand side, there are two upsells right there.

upsells on inmotion hosting dashboard

How To Install WordPress on Inmotion Hosting?

Now let's see how easy it is to install and create a WordPress website.

So you would think from their shortcut button "Install popular software" is where you should click to go and install your WordPress website.

install popular software shortcuts

But this isn't that easy as when you click on install WordPress it's simply just going to take us back to the cPanel.

install wordpress redirect to cpanel login

So it's not a shortcut at all so we believe Inmotion needs to work on that.

But if you click on Cpanel then it will log you right into your Cpanel with no problem.

visit cpanel from the dashboard of inmotion hosting

So to install WordPress then follow the steps below:

1. From cPanel scroll down and click on WordPress.

click on wordpress from cpanel

2. Click on install now.

click on install wordpress now

3. Select your website and put in your details.

4. Then click install.

install wordpress on inmotion hosting using cpanel

So the installation, in the end, is fairly simple once you're able to access your cPanel.

How To Install Free SSL Certificate on Inmotion Hosting?

Now how about installing an SSL certificate.

So from the dashboard, you can see the purchase dedicated SSL certificate, this isn't what we want as you have to pay for, the free one is hidden there under the fold.

1. So click on "Manage free basic SSL".

manage free ssl certificate

2. And all you have to do is click on enable free SSL.

enable free ssl on inmotion website

That's it this is easier than using cPanel once you've found the button.

How To Create a Free Email Account on Inmotion Hosting?

Now what about creating your email account, just follow the steps below:

1. From the dashboard click on Email.

click on email from cpanel

2. Then click on Add Email Account.

add email account

3. Then you click on create.

create free email account

4. And click on Create again.

create free email account from inmotion hosting dashboard

So that one was super simple to do.

Inmotion Hosting Setup and Ease of Use Overall Review 2023

Overall we would score Inmotion Hosting an 8 out of 10 for setup and ease of use.

We like that they have a clean-looking interface with custom shortcut buttons to install and create things instead of having to go to Cpanel all the time.

We took two marks away from them because they don't guide you well when installing WordPress through their shortcut.

And mislead you on things like setting up your free SSL certificate they tend to try and upsell you a little bit too much.

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Inmotion Hosting Speed and Uptime Performance Review 2023

So after we have installed the basic WordPress site we went ahead and tested out the speed of our website using GT Metrix.

The result is 0.7 seconds.

speed test result without installing any plugin of wordpress of inmotion hosting website

This is a great start as they are one of the fastest hosting providers out of the box so far.

But we need to make sure they're still fast once everything has been installed.

So now we will take it a step further and add some design elements to it to increase the page size.

We're also going to install some free plugins to speed up the website.

Wp Fastest Cache which is for speed optimization and Short Pixel which is for image optimization.

And lastly, we will install the free Cloudflare app which will also increase the website performance with their CDN.

This will make it more comparable to what you would do in real life.

And with all these new plugins and the speed is now 1.1 seconds.

speed test result after installing plugins on wordpress of inmotion hosting website

Which makes them one of the fastest hosting providers we have tested out so far.

And they easily pass google's recommended site load speed of 2 to 3 seconds.

Inmotion Hosting Uptime Performance Review 2023

Now we have also been monitoring the stability performance of Inmotion with Uptime Robot.

And can report that the uptime for the last 30 days is 99.977%.

uptime perfromance test of inmotion hosting

Which is more than acceptable and past our minimum requirement of 99.95%.

Inmotion Hosting Speed and Uptime Performance Overall

Overall we would rate in motion speed and uptime performance a 10 out of 10.

It can't be any less as their speed is really fast and we cannot fault them on anything else here.

Their uptime was also solid and pass our minimum requirement.

So well done to Inmotion Hosting overall.

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Inmotion Hosting Customer Support Review 2023

Inmotion Hosting provides 24/7 customer support through phone, email, and live chat.

We have tested them out by asking them three different questions on live chat.

Questions Asked

1. One we told them that we have been infected by a virus on our website and asked for their help.

2. Two we asked them a quick question about their domain name renewal cost.

3. And three we asked them if they could do us a favor and install an SSL certificate and Cloudflare for us.


1. One they were willing to help and looked into it right away they started scanning our website for the malware and sent us the report via email about an hour later.

They did not offer to remove the malware for us for free but they did guide us on the steps of what to do so we were happy enough with their support here.

2. Two it took a long time for them to respond to us on live chat but once they did they were able to tell us all the information we needed immediately so they did a good job here on support knowledge.

3. Three it was another fairly long wait and once we reached them it took a lot of time to figure out what to do with Cloudflare.

And in the end, they just gave us a Cloudflare's website link to install they did not offer to help install for us and said they don't support external tools.

We're not happy with this and we know most hosting providers do install it for you or at the very least they guide you step by step.

Customer Support Different Time Test

With regards to their response time, we contacted them at three different times of the day to make sure we get an overall average and not just a bias fast response time during their off-peak hours.

So the three times were 10 seconds, 13 minutes, and 10 minutes.

The average of those three times turns out to be around 7 minutes and 40-second waits which is a little too long for us.

We think the max wait time for any hosting provider should be kept to under 5 minutes to be competitive and satisfy their customers.

Inmotion Hosting Customer Support Overall

Overall we would have to score Inmotion support a 6 out of 10.

We would say their support overall was average it was nothing great but it wasn't the worst either.

Their team was knowledgeable but their response time was a bit slow at 7 minutes and 40 seconds.

And they just took a bit too long to get to each task and help us out.

Pros and Cons of Inmotion Hosting


  • Amazing speed and uptime performance.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Cheap plans start at only $2.49/month.
  • Clean-looking interface.
  • The support team is Knowledgeable.


  • Customer support response time wasn't good.
  • Only 2 server locations both in the US.
  • No free daily automatic backup.
  • No custom cache plugins.

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Inmotion Hosting Honest Recommendation

So this is the full Inmotion Hosting review 2023.

Overall we have given Inmotion Hosting an average score of 8 out of 10.

They are a super fast and reliable hosting provider at an amazing price.

So this is our recommendation for you if you are someone who's looking for a cheap hosting provider who can offer great performance.

Then Inmotion Hosting is a really solid option that we think you should strongly consider.

However, if you're more of a beginner and you think that you require more hand-holding by support staff and want a more beginner-friendly user interface then there may be other options like this Click here.

Anyway if you are looking for cheap and the fastest web hosting then Inmotion Hosting is the best choice.

If you are ready to make an Inmotion Hosting purchase then consider purchasing it from the link below and get yourself a discount if one's available.

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