Interserver Review 2024 - Fast and Cheap Web Hosting?

Interserver Review 2022 Pros, Cons, Details & Pricing

Interserver Review 2024

In this Interserver review 2024, we're going to show you everything that you need to know about Interseevrer.

So you can easily decide if Interserver hosting is the best choice for you or not.

In this comprehensive Interserver review 2024, we will break down the pricing structure and show you how to get the best deal currently available.

Next, we will guide you through the entire sign-up process and judge how easy their platform is to use.

We also did the page load speed and uptime performance test from the Interserver plan that we purchase.

Lastly, we will provide you with the pros and cons and our honest recommendation on if or who should buy Interserver Hosting.

Pricing Review for Interserver 2024

If you're ready to make Interserver hosting purchase after this review, then consider purchasing it from the below link and get yourself a discount if it's available.

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We will be comparing their web hosting plans although Interserver does offer other types of hosting like VPS and Reseller hosting.

So they can support you when your business grows and you're ready for an upgrade.

Interserver Standard Web Hosting Plans Review 2024

You can see 3 Plans:

  • Standard Plan
  • Boost 2 Plan
  • Boost 4 Plan
standard web hosting, boost 2 and boost 4 from interserver

Currently, when you visit Interserver from this link.

Then you can see the monthly price for the standard hosting plan is only $2.5.

And it renews at $7 per month.

interserver shared hosting plans pricing and discounts

If you purchase it for 6 months then you only have to pay $15.

And then it will renew at $42 for the 6 months plans.

And the last is 12 monthly plans, at which you only have to pay $30 for their 12-month plan.

Their 12-month plan will be renewed at $84.

Interserver Plans Features

Even though Interserve offers cheap web hosting they do not lack any features that you might need at the moment.

best features of interserver free ssd, free emails

Even with the cheapest plan, you will get:

  • Unlimited SSD storage space
  • Unlimited professional email accounts.
  • An unlimited number of visitors per month.
  • And a free SSL certificate.

$0.01 for a 1-month Interserver Plan

You can also get a special offer to try out Interserver by paying just one cent this works on their boost 2 and boost 4 plans.

Just click this link and try Interserver the price for one month will change to 0.01 cents.

interserver boost 2 and boost 4 monthly price $0.01

The renewal price after this is $9.95 per month.

Now they have three plans with different pricing models some of the increase in price some of them don't.

But in general, they're still offering cheap web hosting that performs well.

You can get monthly or yearly plans for a fraction of the cost of what you pay with other web hosting providers for a spectacular performance.

Interserver Price Lock Guarantee

Once you buy a plan with Interserver as long as your account stays active you will be immune to any future price changes.

interserver price lock guarantee

That means if you buy the standard plan for $7/month and the next year they increased the price to $9/month.

Then you would still pay these $7 you signed up for and this recently came into play.

Because the standard plan used to be $5.

So people that bought Interserver before the price change do not have to pay $7 they're still paying $5 up to this date.

No Price Increase from Interserver

It's important to understand that Interserver doesn't increase the price of your web hosting plan after your initial subscription ends.

They offer three plans the standard one for $2.50 currently, the boost 2 for $10, and boost 4 for $20.

Boost 2 and boost 4 are completely immune to any price changes you'll always pay the same amount.

And the standard plan increases to $7 once it's time to renew.

But why is this important well while providers like Bluehost or Siteground might seem way cheaper you gotta keep in mind that they advertise promotional prices?

Once your initial subscription ends the price will double or even triple.

So they're not advertising their real prices while Interserver is.

Because once your plan expires it renews at the same price you see on their web page.

So well done to Interserver here.

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Interserver Speed and Uptime Performance Review 2024

We've bought their standard plan for $2.50 a month we've created a WordPress website using their WordPress installer.

Then we added some design elements to it and made it into something that could pass for a website.

Then we tested the performance using the GT Metrix.

And the result is 1.3 seconds and the time to the first byte was just 0.4 seconds.

speed test result of interserver wordpress website after adding the design elements

It's fast that's close to what other providers are offering with their expensive plans.

Less than half a second for the server to respond is not surprising from Interserver because they have their own data centers.

They have infrastructure having their data centers allow Interserver to only use a 50 capacity on each server.

Instead of overloading each one with users to be as cost-effective as possible.

This ensures that you as the user are getting a faster and more stable service.

Interserver Uptime Performance Review 2024

We've been monitoring Interserver for the past half a year and can report their uptime scoring a 99.98%.

uptime performance test of interserver website

And in the last6 months, our Interserver website was offline for only1 one hour.

Interserver Speed and Performance Overall

The fact that their cheapest plan uses the same technology means you get to enjoy incredibly fast websites for cheap.

Our website with full of images and videos loaded in 1.3 seconds.

Other hosting providers like Bluehost or Hostgator will load the same website two to three times slower.

Of course, they are both cheaper than Interserver but not by much.

This shows that Interserver is taking its performance seriously and you can have a good ratio between price and performance.

Interserver Dashboard

So after purchasing, then from your homepage click on the web hosting number.

after login interface

Then click on the "Setting icon" right to your domain name.

visit the Interserver dashboard from setting icon on the right of the domain name

Now, on the homepage, just click on Login to cPanel, to access the Interserver cPanel.

how to login to cpanel from Interserver hosting

Then you can see the old cPanel from Interserver.

cpanel look

Interserver Free Security Tools

Interserver is offering something they call the Inter security tool.

It's a shield that protects your shared web hosting plan with DDOS protection automatic virus scanners firewalls and a malicious file scanning tool.

It adds this extra layer of protection without any extra cost to you.

So it's a huge win in our book and obviously because Interserver takes its infrastructure seriously.

They also take advantage of server-side caching and Cloudflare integration without getting into too many technical aspects.

Server-side caching helps your very content-heavy websites load faster by reducing the number of times it needs to pass the database for various stuff.

Pros and Cons of Interserver

Now let's take a look at the Pros and Cons of Interserver:


  • Great speed and uptime performance.
  • Unlimited storage space on all plans.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Free website migration.
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee.
  • Price lock guarantee.


  • No free domain.
  • Datacenter only in the US.

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Interserver Honest Recommendation

So this is the full Interserver review 2024.

Overall Interserver is the cheap and fastest web hosting with too many great features provided for free.

If you are looking for the cheap and fastest web hosting with the same renewal rate Interserver is the best choice for you.

And if you are ready to make an Interserver hosting purchase then consider purchasing it from the below link and get yourself a discount if it's available.

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