How Can Technology Be Used to Motivate Staff in the Workplace?


How Can Technology Be Used to Motivate Staff in the Workplace -

How Can Technology Be Used to Motivate Staff in the Workplace?

Business and technology have a symbiotic relationship. It is understood that the most competitive and profitable organizations will seek to harness the latest technology to give them an edge against their competitors in all aspects of their operations.

The latest technology can be used to improve productivity by redesigning working methods to be more efficient. It can also ensure that a workforce is fully aware of the progress of larger projects and that every stakeholder collaborates effectively to complete this work. 

However, the role of technology as a motivator for staff members is less understood. Many people (including managers and business leaders) fail to see how technology can be used to motivate their workforce.

This article seeks to explain how technology can improve motivation in the workplace by describing three key examples.

Improved internet speeds 

Many employees who have worked in an office-based environment will have encountered slow internet access when using IT systems. 

Over the course of a working day, slow internet speeds can lead to long download times and delays in accessing cloud-based platforms and applications.

If the internet connection is sufficiently slow, this can cause frustration in staff and leads to time being lost along with decreased motivation levels.

Put simply, poor internet connections at work lead to frustration and a negative perception of the wider company. If your organization is consistently losing time due to slow internet speeds, take action to rectify this.

If you are based in Florida, search online for business internet in Tampa Florida to find a list of suitable providers. Ideally, you will want a fast and consistent service that boasts high download and upload speeds to benefit all your staff and departments.

The improved speeds will mean that staff do not lose time to a wide range of internet-based processes and will not experience repeated frustrations when online.

Online staff surveys

It is well recognized that a company that listens to the views and opinions of its staff member (and acts upon them) will enjoy higher levels of employee motivation.

Put simply, staff want their views to be heard and many of them may be able to contribute constructive ideas for service improvement if they are given the opportunity.

One way to achieve this is by using online staff survey software. Platforms such as SurveyMonkey make it quick and easy to set up staff suggestion questionnaires and get rapid feedback.

Click here to find more staff survey applications that can be used to motivate your workforce and improve business processes.

Bespoke web-based training packages

As a final key example of how technology can motivate staff, offering bespoke web-based training packages can be extremely effective.

Many staff members will want to train and develop across their careers so they can be considered for more senior roles.

This can also help to retain your brightest staff, who put a value on personal development and improved career opportunities.

In turn, this will also reduce employee churn levels and recruitment costs. Ideally, your learning team will be able to upload a wide range of educational modules to the company internet and staff will be able to request access to courses of relevance and interest.