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How to Create Facebook Account without Phone Number (Using Email)?

To Create Facebook ID without Using Phone Number , we need to use email. If we use email to confirm Account we can easily Create Facebook account without number. So if you want to Create Facebook Account without Number you need to follow these steps below :-

1) First Create a Mail from any mail site Like Gmail or Yahoo .

2) Creating id using Gmail or yahoo are  more secure than other , so i recommended you to use one of these two  Gmail or Yahoo.

3) After Creating email open the mail and Now go to Facebook and type first and last name , and then type then Paste The mail you created in the step 2.

4) Now Click Create account and go to the mail page you open in step 2 and click on the msg as shown in the pic below.
5) click on confirm account.

6) Now Your Account was confirmed and was created Successfully.

So This is the Way To Create Facebook Account without Phone Number. You can also use to many other mail site but creating Id Using Gmail or Yahoo is better and Secure Than the other Mail Site.
So This trick will Help You and Also share this trick with your friends.

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