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How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account ?

We can deactivate our facebook account by go to setting > security > deactivate your account , when we deactivate , our facebook account will closed , but when we deactivate our facebook account our Account will not delete permanently we can still open our account back by login in to that account .

So If You Want to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently , means if you want to delete your facebook account forever , so follow the steps given below to delete your account permanently :-

1) First Login to the Facebook account in the browser which you want to delete .

2) After Login Paste The following link and Press Enter.

3) Now click on permanently delete account button.

4) Now enter your Password and fill the capcha box  , then click ok.

5) Now click ok.

Now after that your account was closed and will delete permanently after 14 days.If you login to your account before 14 days you can still get your account back , so in 14 days your account will delete and you will never get your account back.

So This is the way to delete facebook account permenetly , also share this trick with your friends.

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