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How to recover disabled Facebook account ? 2018 Latest Method


To recover your disable Facebook account  you need only one thing and that is id card  , driving license card or any other real card with the same name and date of birth of your Facebook account.

If you have the proof with the same name and Date of birth you have created in Facebook account then you can easily open your disabled Facebook account by following these simple steps below :-

1) First open your favorite browser and visit this link Click here

2) Now fill the form type your Facebook login email , your Facebook account full name and then Upload your real proof and then click on send button.

3) Now Facebook will send you email after 5 to 6 hours , sometime they will accept in 15 minute or sometime take longer almost 2 to 3 days.

4) Facebook will send you a email and then you will get your Facebook account back , the email that Facebook will send your email will be look like this as shown in the pic below

5) If you see this message on your email then your account will be back.

So this is the way to open the disable Facebook account if you still need any help you can contact the admin using above contact us page on this site.

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