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How to create Gmail Account ?


Gmail is the most famous mail site owned by google. With Gmail we can create Youtube channel , Playstore account , Android account , google analytics and many more. So Gmail account is very important now a days.

If you want to create Gmail Account then follow these simple steps below :-

1) First visit Gmail site and click on create account.

2) Now fill this form.

 3) Type your first name and last name.

4) Then in user name type anything which will be used as your email for example

5) Now select your gender Male or female and Select your Date of birth.

6) Now write your Number and select your Country.


7) After filling the whole form click on Next Step.

8) Now gmail will send the code to your number , enter the code if ask and click confirm.

9) now click on continue to gmail and then your Gmail was loading.

10) Now your Gmail account was created sucessfully. On the top right corner of the site click on the icon and you will see your email of gmail which will be used to sign in.

So this is the way to create Gmail account.

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