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What is twitter and how does it work ?


What is Twitter

Twitter is an online Social Networking service where the user of twitter post or 

interact with message which is called "Tweets". Twitter was created in March 2006 

by Jack Dorsey , Noah Glass , Biz Stone and Evan Williams and twitter was launched 

in July 2006.

Now a days , you can see President , Prime Minister , Athletes or any other 

celebrities tweets on twitter to share their messages.

Why Twitter is so Popular

  • Twitter is Simple to use , if you  type something in the search bar , you  can type and send a message on twitter.

  • Desktop and Mobile app of twitter is available so you can use twitter apps on your favorite devices.

  • There is day and night mode available in twitter so you can set day and night mode , twitter will automatically on night mode at night time.

  • Lot of important people you will find on twitter so you can follow them on twitter.

  • Also people can followed you if you always shares your website articles or videos on twitter people will follow you for daily updates.

  • You can follow news channels , sports players or other you like to follow.

  • These are only some of the top reasons why Twitter is so popular.

How to use twitter

  • If you are using twitter you can post any thing like your website articles , Youtube videos etc which is actually called tweets.

  • You can retweets any other user tweets to your timeline. So you can see that tweets on your timeline of twitter.

  • You can create hashtag as well for example if you create hashtag of twitter like #twitter then if you click on this hashtag you can find all the post related to this word in hashtag.

  • Well you can like other tweets then the liked tweets will be added to the "like tweets" category of your timeline.

So this is what you really need to know about twitter if you like twitter you can create twitter account . To create twitter account take a look at this article click here.

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