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How to fix Adobe Photoshop Flashing/Flickering in Windows 8/10 ?


When you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10 in old computer then because of less ram or graphic your Adob photoshop Cs6 or any other version maybe flashing/flickering while editing your pictures. But you can fix this problem easily.

If you want to fix that problem of Photoshop flashing/flickering just follow these easy steps below :-

1) First open your Adobe photoshop and click on Edit > Preferences and then click on Perfomance.

2) Now Click on " Advanced settings "

3) Now Change " Advanced " to " Basic" and then click ok.

4) Now  uncheck this "Use Graphics Processor" box and click ok button.

5) Now restart your Adobe Photoshop.

6) Now after restarting Photoshop , the flashing/clickring problem will solved successfully.

So this is the way to fix Adobe Photoshop Flashing/Flickering in Windows 8 or 10. 

If you still didn't understand with this article then you can also watch this video below :-


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