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3 best Skype for business Status Tricks 2020

3 best Skype for business Status Tricks 2020

3 best Skype for business Status Tricks 2020

In this post I am going to share with you the 3 best Skype for Business status tricks. Skype for Business is really a great tool and not to be confused with the personal edition of the Skype. The business edition of the Skype is designed for a corporate environment and it also has a feature of broader group. You can use the option of status in Skype business to specify other that how and also to whom, your status should displayed in the Skype for business, check them out below:

1. Setting the option of Inactive or Away Status

When you have been in active on your PC then the Skype for business change your status automatically, if you didn't moved your mouse or use the keyboard then skype display the yellow indicator status with the word inactive, default period of the time is 5 minutes then they will show "away" status and you can change that time using the following way:

  • Open the status option
  • Then on "Show me as Inactive when my PC has been idle for this many min" click the down or up button
  • Here you can set the time
  • Maximum is 360 minutes.

2. Specify that who can see your presence status

So in Skype, anyone can see your status expect the blocked contacts, you ca change these status settings by the following steps:

Go to the Status options

Now select any of the following:

  • I want everyone, able to see my presence regardless of the system settings
  • I want the system admin to decide currently everyone can see my presence and this could change in the future.

If your organization enabled the privacy mode then  you will see the follwoing options:

  • I want anyone to be able to see my presence
  • I only want people in my Contacts to be able to see my presence

With these option you can choose whether to limit the visibility of your presence information to those people whom you have added to your contacts.

3. Set the Do Not Disturb Status automatically

In Skype for business you can also set to automatically block the distracting communications whenever you're sharing the content or giving the presentation. If this features is enabled on your skype for business then it will automatically change the status on your skype to presenting whenever you duplicate your display in the projection mode or you are sharing your screen. From your coworkers the instant messages will be blocked and those who views your contact will know that you are not to be disturbed.

You can enable this feature by the following steps:

  • Select the check boxes labeled:
  • Show me as Do Not Disturb when I am Presenting from this device
  • and then 
  • Show me as Do Not Disturb when my monitor is duplicated.

So these are the 3 best Skype for business status tricks, if you still have any question then you can ask me in the comment section below. Keep visiting QasimTricks for more contents like this.

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