Download Windows 10 Pro 1803 x64 x32 bits April 2018 Update .ISO file

Windows 10 released the latest version of windows 10 1803 April 2018 Update. You can update your windows from Windows 10 update directly to 1803 but if you have windows 8 or less installed or you want to download the .ISO of the latest windows 10 1803 to clean install windows then you can download windows .ISO directly by following the steps below :-

Note :- If you are using Windows 8 or less then directly visit the link in step to download Windows 10 1803 .ISO , If you are using Windows 10 to download Windows 10 1803 official .ISO then follow the steps below :-

Step 1) Right click on your browser and click on properties.

Step 2) Now go to Compatibility tab and Under Compatibility mode select Windows 8 or less , then click on Apply.

Step 3) Now Open your Browser and visit this Link  below :-

Step 4) Now you are redirected to the official Windows 10 ISO downloading site.

Step 5) Now select the windows 10 1803 and click on Confirm.

Step 6) Now select your language and click on Confirm.

Step 7) Now you will see the option Download 32 Bit and Download 64 Bit , just click on 32 bit to download  32 bit or  click on 64 bit to download 64 bit.

step 8) So this will start the download of Windows  10  1803 automatically , this  .ISO will have inside Windows 10 Pro and Home both in the ISO.

So this is the way to download Windows 10 1803 .ISO file 32 or 64 bit Pro. If you did not understand the Article then you can watch the Video Below of how to download Windows 10 Pro Latest. If this Article helps you then also share this on your Social sites.

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