How to create Wifi hotspot in Windows 10 with one click without any software.

How to Create Hotspot in Windows 10

You can create a wifi hotspot in Windows 10 without any software, just one click, and the hotspot will be active.

It is the feature of Windows 10, so this method only works in Windows 10. So follow the steps below to create a wifi hotspot :-

1) First go to start and open settings.

2) Now go to the " Network and Security " tab.

3) Now go to " Mobile Hotspot '' and click on Edit.

4) Now type the name and create a password you like and then click Save.

5) Now click on the " On " button turn on Hotspot.

6) Now you can see the list of the clients connected to your hotspot.

You can also watch the video below of how to create wifi hotspot:-

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