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How to fix Windows Pro, Home or Other options not showing while installing Windows 10.

Sometime when you are installing Windows 10, then you didn't find the option of installing Pro, Home or other. If you downloaded the Windows 10 from the official site of Microsoft then selecting this options should be there, so in this article we are going to show you how to fix this problem. We are going to show you the 2 ways first is for those who are installing Windows using USB or for those who create bootable Disc using Windows 10 ISO, so follow he both methods below.

Method 1 Using Bootable USB

If you created a bootable USB of Windows 10 then just download EI.CFG file from below link

Click here to download EI.CFG

Now after downloading extract the file using Winrar or any other extracting softwares. Then open the folder and copy " ei.cfg " file.

Now Paste this file to the " Source " folder of the bootable USB of Windows 10 you created.

Now boot you PC from USB and then you will see the following Options.

Method 2 Using Windows 10 Disc

So first of all download any ISO editing Software like Magic ISO and then edit ISO file, open the source folder and paste the "ei.cfg" you downloaded in above method, then save you ISO file and then burn you ISO to Disc then you will see the following opttion while installing.

You can also edit the ISO file using 7-zip , extract the ISO and then paste the ei.cfg file to source folder then burn it to disc.

If you have any problem then you can also watch the video below of how to fix this problem :-

So this is the way to fix Windows 10 installing problem. If you have any problem then you can ask in the comments section below, if you like this article then also share this with your friends.

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