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How to install and run multiple apps in any Android Mobile.

You can run multiple apps of any apps in any Android mobiles easily and in legal way. Today in this article we are going to show how you can run multiple apps in Android mobile. So follow the method below.

Run Multiple apps in Android

1) First you have to download " Parallel Space " you can find this app on Playstore or click here

2) Now install and run the app.

3) Now select the app you want to install for the second time.

4) Now here you can see all the apps you installed second.

5) Now drag the app to " create shortcut " so then it will create the shortcut of this app on your home screen .

6) Now you cansee the app on your home screen with sign of + in the end.

7) So if you want to install more apps then simply open parallel space and click on '' add apps " button.

8) Now select the app and it will install the second app.

You can also watch the video below of how to install second app of any apps in Android :-

So this is the way to install second apps in any Android Mobile. If you have any problem then you can ask in the comments section below, if you like this article then also share this with your friends on your social sites.

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