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How to uninstall system apps from Android without root easy method.

When you buy the new Android Mobile, then you will find to many preinstalled apps on your Android mobile and you have no option to uninstall. So today in this article we are going to show how to to uninstall system apps from Android without root with just one click. Yes it is the most easy method without root no method is easier than this method.

To uninstall system app from android you need to softwares first one is for windows and the other one is for Android, remember that you can uninstall system apps from Android without roo with the help of PC only. So the first program we need is " System App Uninstaller '' for PC and " ES file explorer " fro Android or you can use " Solid file explorer " as well.

Click here to download System App Uninstaller

Click here to download ES File explorer Android 

Also you need to install ADB Driver, so download ADB Driver from below link and install it on your Windows.

Click here to download ADB Driver

If you have samsung device then you must also install Samsung USB Driver on your Windows, so download it from below link and install it on your Windows.

Click here to download Samsung Driver 

So the System App uninstaller need no installtion on Windows, while ES File explorer need to be install from playstore link also give above.

Now follow the method below to uninstall system Apps from Android 

Uninstall System Apps from Android

1) First of all download and install ES File explorer on your Android mobile.

2) Now run ES File explorer app.

3) Now go to the Apps folder and select system Apps from there.

3) Now click on the App you want to uninstall and then copy the package name of that app.  

Now go to setting > software information and click on build number for 7 times and enable developer option, after that go to the developer option and enable USB debugging from there.

4) Now open " System App Uninstaller " on your Windows PC.

5) Don't forgot to install " ADB Driver " and " Samsung USB Driver " (only for samsung users).

6) Now Right click on system app uninstaller and run it as administrator.

7) Now connect your Mobile to PC, you can see the name of your device on System App Uninstaller when it will detect your device.

8) Now after that type the name of the package you copied in step 3 and press enter.

9) Now the after you press Enter, you will got the message success as you can see in the above pic and then the system app has been uninstalled from your Android device successfully.

10) In this way you can uninstall any system apps from your Android Mobile easily.

If you having any trouble, then simply watch the video below of how to uninstall system Apps from Android without root :- 

So this is the way to Uninstall system apps from any Android mobile without root. If you have any problem then you can ask in the comments section below, if you like this article then also share this site with your friends on your social sites. 


  1. Hi,I'm using a alcatel u5 5044i, it saying that my phone is not on the list. Pls help. Thanks.

    1. You must Install your mobile USB Driver in Windows and connect your mobile, then it will work.

  2. Its me again, now its saying that it "failure yo remove user owner's system package." Pls explain to me what does it mean? Thanks.
    P.S. you can reply to my email address