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How to create your own stickers and add them in Whatsapp easily.

create whatsapp stickers easily - qasimtricks

In latest version of Whatsapp, you can find the new option option of sending a stickers, you can send and download many others stickers from there. But did you know that you can also add any custom stickers in Whatsapp by creating or downloading them, you can also can create your own stickers in whatsapp and it is not a difficult method to create your won stickers in whatsapp, yes you can create your own whatsapp stickers in just a minute.

Create your own Stickers

To create your own or any other person stickers, first you have to download a free app called " Background Eraser ", you can find it in Playstore Click here to install Background eraser.

1) So first install Background eraser

Easily erase the Background, Create whatsapp stickers - Qasimtricks

2) Now run this app.

3) Now select your photo.

4) Now if your photo is in good quality and have an easy color in the Background then use " Magic tool " to remove the background, it will remove this in once click.

5) You can also use the " Auto tool " to remove the background it will remove the background automatically.

6) If you can't remove it with Magic or auto tools, then choose manual tools to remove the background, just select the background and it will erase it.

7) Now after removing the background click on the " done " button.

8) Now remove the edge to look more good, if there is a edge around your body then select the numbers, number 3 or 4 will be ok.

9) Now click on the " Save " button and then the image will be saved to your gallery.

Now the after you change the background using the Background Eraser app, the photo will saved in .PNG format and now you can add it to your Whatsapp stickers, you can add any .PNG pic in Whatsapp stickers.

How to add stickers in Whatsapp

To add the .PNG photos in whatsapp, you need an app called " Personal stickers for whatsapp ", you can find this app in the Playstore Click here to install this App.

1) First install Personal sticker for Whatsapp app on your mobile.

Create your own stickers in whatsapp easily - Qasim tricks

2) Now run this app.

3) Now it will automatically scan all the .PNG pics from your mobile, remember to put 3 or more .png images in one folder.

4) So the photo background you erased using the background eraser tool, move the photo to the other folder, so you must have 3 .png pics in one folder.

5) Now it will automatically scan all the folders, now click on the add button and click ok.

6) Now the stickers has been added to whatsapp successfully.

7) Now run the Whatsapp and go to the stickers tab, here you will find all the stickers you added from the " Personal stickers for whatsapp " app.

8) So in this way you can add any stickers to whatsapp, remember you can add any .png type pics in whatsapp stickers easily using this app.

9) You can search any .PNG stickers in Google Images and can add them in Whatsapp stickers.

use your own custom stickers in whatsapp -

So this is the way to create your own stickers in whatsapp and you can use this easily, not only you even your friends can use your stickers. If you have any problem then you can ask in the comments section below. I hope this article will helps you.

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