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Samsung foldable phones are coming and it's open in to a tablet.

Justin Denison whipped out a prototype folding smartphone. A phone that can open up to become a 7.3-inch tablet would be pretty handy when out and about. A pocket-sized device that could double in size when required would be awfully handy.

Justin Denison, Samsung senior vice president of mobile marketing, showed off the phone, which is a tablet when it's fully opened and then a phone when it's closed. 

It uses a new display technology called Infinity Flex Display that lets you open and close the device over and over without any degradation.

"The Infinity Flex Display represents an entirely new mobile platform," Denison said. "We've been living in a world where the size of your screen can only be as large as the device itself. We've added a new dimension to help you browse, watch and multitask like never before." 

Samsung is actually using two separate displays to create its foldable phone one on the inside, and a smaller display on the outside — unlike Royole’s FlexPai, which uses a single folding display on the outside of the device. Samsung’s internal display is 7.3 inches with a 1536 x 2152 resolution (4.2:3). It folds in half to reveal a second display on the front of the device. This second “cover display,” as Samsung calls it, functions as a 4.58-inch phone interface with a resolution of 840 x 1960 (21:9). It’s also flanked by much larger bezels at the top and bottom compared to the internal display. Although it looks very stocky, Samsung says the device hiding inside the disguise is actually “stunning.”

Samsung's creation is far more advanced, and the fact that it's courting developers is a sign that it's well aware of the work it needs to do. It's still far too early to praise or condemn Samsung's initial foray into the foldable hybrid market, but it is exciting. After all, this is one of the world's biggest device manufacturers showing off a bold new step in mobile computing.

Here's the full highlights video of Samsung Developer Conference of Foldable phone display first look :-

Click here to watch the video directly on Youtube.

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