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LG Foldable phones are also coming

After Samsung and Huawei, LG plans to release Foldable phone -

We all know a bit about Samsung attempts to develop a foldable phone. However, LG’s plans have been flying under the radar. So far we have heard very little about the device, which makes three recent LG trademarks that appear to relate to foldable phones all the more exciting.

The LG foldable phone has appeared with several names: Flex, Foldi and Duplex. This all points towards an LG foldable phone due to appear soon, perhaps even before the Samsung Galaxy F.  As spotted by LetsGoDigitalthe company has applied to trademark the names Flex, Foldi, and Duplex. LG made the applications on November 21 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

While there is a possibility that LG will release more than one type of foldable phone, it's more than likely that it simply hasn't decided on a name yet. Depending on the type of folding phone on offer, that may dictate the name.

None of the names the company is trying to trademark are especially noteworthy (kinda like the ones Huawei is reportedly considering), though Flex seems like a reasonable possibility for the device given that LG has already established the G Flex brand name. 

The Samsung Galaxy F has already been teased with a vertical side fold. Perhaps the LG Flex, LG Foldi or Duplex will have a horizontal widthways fold to make it different too. While Samsung has expressed desires to be first to market, LG has done no such thing, so don't expect its foldable phone to appear until later in 2019 at the earliest.

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